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5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

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Choosing kitchen cabinets can be daunting. There are so many decisions to make. Let us help. We’ve broken down everything into five easy to understand areas that will make choosing kitchen cabinets simple and successful. Focus on these areas, and your kitchen cabinets will practically build themselves. 


Cabinet doors carry the style of the kitchen. Decide first on the design family, such as traditional, country, modern, etc. Within each style, you will have other options, such as raised panels and beading. Keep in mind that the more detailed the door, the more effort it may take to clean. 


There is not much discussion or advice about door mounting, but it can make a difference in the overall look of the kitchen cabinets. Doors can commonly be mounted in one of three ways. In a regular overlay fashion, the door lays over the cabinet base, and the face frame is seen around the doors. With a full overlay, the cabinet doors hide the frame underneath, because they are set closely together. Inset doors are installed with the door flush inside the frame. The last option is the least common. Visit a design center to see the different mounting options. 


What should your kitchen cabinets be made of? Most homeowners choose solid wood, a classic choice that will hold up over the years. Another material to consider is melamine, which is a tough man-made material that requires little maintenance and can be easily color matched later, if you decide to add more cabinets. Metal, thermofoil and stainless steel may appeal for a more modern or minimalist style.


Going hand in hand with materials, the finish you choose for your cabinets is a matter of style. Solid wood can be stained and painted in an almost endless array of tones and colors, or it can be left natural. Decorative finishes, such as glazing and distressing can also be added for additional style options. Other materials may have fewer finish options. 


There is a reason that a change in hardware can instantly update kitchen cabinets. Knobs and draw pulls can have an impact the final look. You can be conservative or bold, match or contrast styles, etc. You can also easily change hardware later to update your kitchen cabinet style. 


Image Source: Walker Woodworking via HGDesignIdeas.com




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