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Exposed Beams: A Growing Trend For Different Rooms and Styles

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Exposed beams can create a unique look in any space.

Naturally, they are supposed to be covered as they are support for the framework of a home. When uncovered, they can evoke charm and create high ceiling space. The high ceilings achieved with the use of exposed beams can make your home appear larger and feel more open.To many, exposed beams create a rustic design, but they can really be incorporated in any design style.

To create a modern look with exposed beams, painting them is a great way to take the rustic appeal out. Painting the beams creates a sleek look that can be admired in many different rooms, especially in living spaces. Not only do they open up a room, they add texture and depth.

The use of exposed beams in kitchens offer amazing lighting which is perfect for the chef of the home. In this atmosphere, they stand alone great without having to be painted--although that is always an option. Exposed beams are perfect for kitchens trying to create a natural, rustic, or tuscan look.

Many people think that exposed beams always look the same, but that is not the case. There are many different styles and ways to show off your exposed beams. There is the traditional look, which features them in different directions and angles, and there is also the simple look of just a few beams across the ceiling. Whichever look you decide will accompany many different decor styles.

Many attic bedrooms have indented ceilings and unique shapes. Embracing this shape can look even better with exposed beams. They can add a unique design, all while opening up the space for more room.

Covering up exposed beams can cost you a chance to create more depth and space in a room. The different styles they offer are perfect for any taste, and showing them off will be beneficial to your home.



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