Add Window Treatments for an Elegant Touch

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Add Window Treatments for an Elegant Touch

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Custom window treatments add the finishing touch to a well-designed living space. Treated windows are extremely versatile. They can create a seamless backdrop or become the focal point of a room. High quality window treatments are a worthwhile investment.

Consulting a professional will ensure you find the perfect solution for each room in your home. Today’s window treatments come in an endless variety of styles and materials. Plantation shutters offer a traditional, clean look while fabric draperies create an elegant appearance. Shades and valances are simple treatments that can dramatically change the look of a room too. Trust an expert’s knowledge in choosing the best options for your family’s home.

Each space requires consideration of a few items. First, consider function. How will the room be used? What type of outdoor exposure will the window receive? Next, calculate height and depth. Which types of treatments might work best in the space? And finally, think of how the treatments will complement the room’s furnishings, style and mood. Will the treatments seamlessly coordinate with the overall design? Take these questions with you when planning. 

Window treatments are a valuable investment in many ways. They can protect furniture and floors from sun exposure. Many window treatment offer complete UV protection, eliminating harmful light that can damage your home’s interior. They also increase energy efficiency year round. With the proper choices and installation, less heat will escape in colder months and sunshine can be blocked in warmer months. Privacy is another advantage of treated windows. They are a simple, additional layer to securing your home that is often overlooked. Draperies, blinds, and shutters can block outside noise as well. Use them to create a quiet, darkened bedroom for a perfect night’s sleep. Each room in a home can benefit from carefully chosen 
window treatments.

When choosing a window treatment expert, look for one with many years of experience. They should have a diverse portfolio of quality work that demonstrates mastery of both design and functionality across a wide range of spaces and projects. Hire someone who strives to understand your needs and works with you to create a vision for each room of your home. A competent expert will be able to handle all the details including fit, style, material choice and installation. Use a professional’s knowledge to update your existing decor or create an entirely new look for any room. 

For your window treatment needs, depend on Elite Draperies and Blinds. Elite has been the industry leader more than two decades, and are the premier choice for all of your window treatment design and installation needs. Elite takes pride in caring for customers, and is able to accommodate your busy schedule or unique needs. For a free, in-home consultation call 610-459-0679 today to schedule. Also, visit them online at Elite-Draperies.com to view their impressive portfolio and learn more.


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