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Trend Alert: Gray Hardwood Floors

Interior Design Trends | Tori.Perekupka

Does your home have hardwood floors? Are they in need of some fixing up? Instead of waxing them and cleaning them up, try out the new gray hardwood floor trend. This new look isn’t too far from the ordinary so if you are not a bold person, this is an easy look to go with. Some of these looks are more gray than others, but you can either have your floors very gray or just a hint of gray. Check out the rest of this article to get some ideas and to pick out the style of gray hardwood floors for your home!


This all gray living room is complete with whitewashed gray hardwood paneled floors. The light gray floors match the light gray walls and complement the darker gray accent wall.


This compact bathroom is filled with white tiles and a patterned gray wall. This bathroom also has gray hardwood floors. It looks like a traditional hardwood floor, but in gray.


These hardwood floors have a more subtle gray to them. They are a modern hardwood floor with a hint of gray.


This contemporary kitchen is finished with a glossy gray hardwood flooring. This color floor is a great addition to this modern kitchen.


This grayed out living room is finalized with wide plank hardwood floors. The light grey look pulls together all of the grays in the room.


This little vintage space has rustic hardwood floors. They are distressed with a gray touch to them. These floors are the perfect look for this space.


This living room is very trendy with the accessories and furniture placed in it. Adding the gray, worn out floors was the perfect finishing touch to make this room even more fashionable.


Image Source: All Gray Living Room with Whitewashed Gray Floors, Compact bathroom with Gray Floors, Modern Hardwood Floors with Subtle Gray Look, Contemporary Kitchen with Glossy Gray Floors, Living Room with Wide Plank Flooring, Vintage Space with Rustic Hardwood Floors, Trendy Living Room with Worn Out Flooring


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