Making a Statement the Second You Walk In

When you walk into a house, a first impression means everything.
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Making a Statement the Second You Walk In

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When you walk into a house, a first impression means everything.

The way your entry or foyer is designed can set the tone for what the rest of your home is like. Making sure this space is well decorated and furnished is key to creating the perfect home for your style. Since an entryway or foyer truly does set the stage for the rest of a house, it is important to make this space flow with the theme of your other rooms.

Entryways and foyers come in all different styles and really depend on the layout of the house. Some houses do not have an entry and lead right into a room such as the kitchen or living room. Some houses have a mud or coat room before you enter. Depending on the setup, the design ideas can change behind the ideal entryway or foyer.    

If your foyer features high ceilings, it gives the perfect atmosphere for pendant lighting or a chandelier. Adding a unique lighting fixture is the perfect way to make a statement piece for guests to admire when they first walk in.

Similar to having a statement lighting fixture, having a statement piece of artwork is also a great use of space in an entry or foyer--especially in smaller spaces. Featured above is an abstract piece of art that contrasts with the white walls perfectly. Picking the perfect piece of artwork for this space can create a major difference due to the fact that it will be looked at everyday.

When there is no exact foyer space and the entryway leads right into the home, adding a rug runner is a great way to create a pathway into the home. Adding this small accessory can make all the difference and essentially creates an entryway that was not previously there.

Another important idea is to incorporate the theme of your home in the entryway or foyer. If your home has a rustic feel, creating that feeling as soon as guests enter will make the transition into the rest of the home smoother.

Adding a mudroom to your entry is a great idea for families or people who entertain often. The storage space is a great addition to any home and can make cleaning much easier.


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