Light Up Your Home!

The kind of lighting you choose for a room could either make the room look better, or worse. You should make sure of a few things.
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Light Up Your Home!

Interior Design Trends | Rebecca Focht

The kind of lighting you choose for a room could either make the room look better, or worse. You should make sure of a few things.

First: you can’t make the lighting too gaudy or have too much going on if the room already has a lot going on. However, you also can’t choose a light that is too plain for a room that is already bare.

Second: you should choose lighting that will complement the rest of the room! If the walls in the room are white and you want to spice up the room, why not choose lights with a colorful shade.

Third: lighting is also important outside! You don’t want to choose any kind of light and just throw it out there to light up the way. If you are looking for some color, choose it wisely. If you want something more simple, make it simply beautiful!

Lighting could really make or break the look of a room!!


This unique hanging light fixture looks amazing against the brick wall in this living room. If this room had a plain lamp or just a ceiling fixture, it would not have the same feel and wouldn’t be as fun! This lighting adds just the right amount of “something” to the room.


For outdoor lighting, you can use rustic items like tubs and candles to create a lighting post for your backyard. Very easy and extremely beautiful!


The unique bird cage lighting above the island pulls this kitchen together. Take away the bird cage lighting and all you have are the built-in ceiling fixtures. That would leave the kitchen looking bare! These bird cages give the kitchen their own unique touch.


This elegant dining room looks even more stunning all because of the clustered lighting fixture above the table. Provides more light for the area and gives the dining room something beautiful that it would be lacking.


How awesome are these light up flower pots? Keep your plants inside of them but light up the walkway with them by placing a light inside of them! Looks gorgeous and it is extremely unique.


This bundle of lights above the kitchen island provides a modern and unique atmosphere for the kitchen. These lights fit right in with the rest of the amazing kitchen and make it beautifully bright.


Don't have that much money to spend but want some outdoor lighting? No problem! These are DIY Outdoor Lights made from drilling designs into paint cans and inserting votive candles inside. How much easier could it get? Also, it adds some color to your outdoor area!


These pendant lights make this room so much warmer. If your kitchen is lacking color, like this one, add some lighting with colorful shades and pick wall art to match! Bam, beautiful kitchen!


This elegant dining area is completed with an extremely unique, above the table, hanging light. Don’t ever settle for less! If you like a wow factor, this is the way to go!



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