Garage Doors in Unconventional Ways

The use of garage doors in unconventional ways is a super hot trend right now; you may see this trend in commercial use.
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Garage Doors in Unconventional Ways

Interior Design Trends | Mikaila Cordeau

The use of garage doors in unconventional ways is a super hot trend right now; you may see this trend in commercial use.

Business offices and restaurants are the top places that have adopted this genius trend. However the use of this idea is not just for commercial use. Residential homes are also realizing the benefits of the addition. The main attention grabber of this trend is that it seamlessly incorporates indoor/outdoor living, and of course it is super contemporary. This addition to your home will be the wow factor you may be looking for. Check out all the ways this trend can be incorporated into your home.

Whole Home
Let’s start off with a trend setting home that has adopted this neat idea into the architecture throughout the entire home. 


Living Room
This idea is a great way to get the family out of the house and have a lot of natural light pouring into your living room. 

If you want this idea on a second floor or higher it can still be done, but you can simply add a balcony like the one pictured.


Open Plan
The industrial style home design has lead to open floor plans which directly ties into this trend as well. This addition to your home is a very industrial style touch.


Perfect for entertaining guests; let this layout make your life super easy. Take the party from indoors to outdoors seamlessly. You make the choice if you want to entertain indoors or outdoors and the rain won’t hold up this party. 


Dining Room
This is perfect for the outdoor cafe feel. No need to even leave the house you have your own transitional cafe in your own home!

You can enjoy your outdoor kitchen but also keep it safe from the elements when it is not being used. Perfect for closing up during the winter.


If a kitchen window just is not enough for you then have a truly open kitchen layout. This trend is perfect for those that cannot get enough of the outdoors. 


Home Office
Spice up your home office with this idea. Everyone needs a creative thinking place and this is just the idea to stir up some creativity. 

Perfect for a tropical feel and leading straight to an outdoor oasis, what could be better?


A Stunning Spa
Speaking of Oasis, this idea is perfect for an in home spa. Lead your sitting area straight to your Jacuzzi or botanical oasis.

Recreational Use
With so many uses for this trend it is hard to just pick one place. These ideas are recreational; an art studio or a play area. The possibilities are endless.


Enjoy the View
The number one perk from this trend is to have access to incredible views like the ones below!

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