Creating A Sanctuary For Your Inner Bookworm

Libraries are timeless and offer a world of knowledge and imagination at your fingertips.
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Creating A Sanctuary For Your Inner Bookworm

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Libraries are timeless and offer a world of knowledge and imagination at your fingertips.

Creating a space to house your collection of written works can make a perfect place to unwind, relax, and show a great display. Whether you dream of a cozy reading nook or a classic display of books surrounding your office, adding a home library can make a unique addition to your home.

When creating a home library, there are many routes that you can take. Anything from sleek and modern, to classic and timeless are options for designing. Libraries are a great way to spruce up empty wall space all-while making space for storage.

Create a modern look by ditching the classic wood accents and go for an all-white look. This library is featured on two levels and has a glass balcony on the second floor. It also features storage for more than just books, and stems from the living room. Libraries such as this one are great for displaying your collection to guests.

Do you have high ceilings? If so, this library is the perfect choice for you. This unique display is created on top of a living room. The space otherwise not used, is utilized to make a display that will wow your guests. The library also has easy-access through the ladder shown.

Many times, people struggle with the usage of under-stair space. This library takes care of that concern. Using that space to carve out a library is great for storage and creates a unique display.

Your home office is a working space that often requires a need for finding inspiration. Looking up at your ceiling to view your library is the perfect addition to a home office. This library is unique and offers a modern twist on a classic home office library.

Adding a reading nook is a great way to make a personal space for reading. A reading nook offers a place to escape and dig into your favorite novel. The following pictures are great examples of how you can create a reading nook in your home.



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