5 Trendy Barndonium Homes

The barndominium trend is growing in popularity in the United States. It is either the restoration of a previous storage barn into a home or architects building homes in the likeness of a barn.
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5 Trendy Barndonium Homes

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The barndominium trend is growing in popularity in the United States. It is either the restoration of a previous storage barn into a home or architects building homes in the likeness of a barn.

It is a type of sustainable living; this definitely is part of the minimalist movement. Many people see this as a way to be budget and eco-friendly. There are many reasons people see this type of lifestyle appealing. These homes provide an open spacious entertainment environment. There are many different style and takes on this trend. Check out our favorites below!

1.Traditional Renovated Barn Home: This home is your traditional red barn but with a modern twist. The architecture is almost a coastal style with raised exposed legs and large windows. The interior is a mix of traditional classics with a modern twist. Unique elements in the interior match the unique exterior.

2. Charming White Farmhouse: This home has the traditional shape but with homey touches such as the white paint, large windows, and glass doors. The style is very traditional; the exterior light fixtures and outdoor garden give the farmhouse feel. The interior is finished with lots of raw wood details and sliding barn doors to bring the rustic barn feel throughout the home. Distinct touches such as the kitchen backsplash and lantern light fixtures provide a modern twist.

3. Restored Barn Home with Renovated Silo: This home is cozy and practical. The renovated silo creates an intimate dining space. The wood work throughout is German influenced. The interior and exterior have very traditional touches. The finished wood throughout creates a sleek rustic look. Who knew a silo could make to be a fantastic home addition?

4. Modern Restoration: This home is the most modern of them all. It takes the barn idea and makes it into something new. The exterior is just a tad like the traditional barn, but the architects really made it a whole new look. However the interior embraces the barn look. The white wash wood provides a classy rustic look. The beams and exposed wood are what make this home a true barndominium trend.


5. Large German Barndominium: This home is rustic but elegant. A complete contradiction; this is a high-class barn home. This barndominium would take anyone by surprise. The spacious interior has gorgeous accessories; such as, decorative wood work and beautiful chandeliers. The exterior steals the show with the multi-level deck. The front gives the traditional barn illusion, but with further inspection the home is much much more.





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