Summer Home Getaway

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Summer Home Getaway

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As cold weather is upon us, a summer home may be at the top of your day-dreaming list. Having a summer home is the perfect way to escape for a long weekend or take a mini-vacation. Looking out of your window to view sandy beaches or blue waves crashing down is a perfect way to relax and enjoy time off. Although winter has taken over, spring, summer and hopes a perfect beach getaway are around the corner.

A luxurious beach or bay front house is a great investment and creates a home away from home. Compiled below are aspects to consider when creating your dream beach house and how to make the most of your summer months.

 Not all vacation homes need to be on the beach to have amazing views. Bay front homes offer great views without the commotion of beach traffic. This home features a classic look that is perfect for people who prefer a traditional look. A beach home should feature architecture you love, and there are many different styles to choose from.

If traditional is not for you, a modern style like the one above might be for you. This home utilizes the beach view by having large windows throughout. No matter where you are in this home, the sights are amazing, which modern architecture is great for.

A great way to build motivation is to install a home gym with beach views. Seeing the ocean while running on the treadmill can boost motivation and make working out more enjoyable.

Adding a pool to your beach home is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere without getting sandy. Pools are a great way to enjoy water at the temperature you wish. Infinity pools are an amazing choice for beach homes because there is nothing holding back the ocean--you can see everything and enjoy every second

 Whether you like to entertain guests often, or just like a home cooked meal, adding an outdoor kitchen is perfect for a beach home. Being able to cook outside on more than just a grill makes cooking more of an experience than a task.

If your beach home is more than a summer getaway, adding an indoor pool is a great way to utilize the home in colder winter months. Indoor pools can be controlled so they can be enjoyed 365 days a year instead of a typical 3 month summer season.


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