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Protect Your Home with Window Films

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So how do you get the sun you want without the drawbacks? Luckily there’s a solution, 3m window films. An affordable, low maintenance home improvement that lets light through while blocking the sun’s harmful rays, window films should be high on every homeowner’s list this season.

Too much of a good thing is always a problem, even when we’re talking about natural sunlight. Most homeowners want an open, naturally-lit home but unfortunately, the light and beauty of the sun’s unfiltered rays also cause common household problems, including fading to furnishings and floors, decreased efficiency of your cooling system, uncomfortable temperatures, and problematic glare.

Window films are virtually undetectable and are applied directly to existing windows in order to help them filter out ultra violet and infrared rays. They’re extremely cost-effective, cut UV by 99%, and block a large percentage of heat- generating infrared rays. By comparison, popular “Low-E” glass only filters 40%- 60% of those same hazardous rays.

Window films are easily installed on any size or shape glass, and are one of the best defenses against excessive sun exposure on the market. They’re particularly suited for preventing fade damage and deterioration to artwork, hardwood floors, antiques, upholstery, and other furnishings.

Window films also help maintain a more comfortable home interior. They reduce harsh and annoying glare, especially on computer and television screens. Some films can further take the edge off of particularly harsh light, eliminating the need for room darkening, view eliminating shades, blinds, or drapes. All the films are light and passive and a great alternative to covering the window and eliminating the light and view.

Window films also help control internal temperatures, and cut down on energy costs due to hot and cold spots. Since window films deflect infrared light and solar heat, your home will not have temperature fluctuations caused by intense sun and heat, keeping rooms comfortable and reducing the work load on your air conditioner. With electric rates almost doubling in some areas over the last year, this benefit alone can help window films pay for themselves.

When considering window films for your home make sure to choose, Tint-Pro a certified 3m window film dealer. Tint-Pro’s installers are trained and certified by 3M, a fortune 50 company and the world’s leading manufacturer of window films. Tint-Pro has access to 3M’s broad portfolio of products and specialty window films like 3M’s Prestige series, Safety and Security films, and Fasara decorative films. As an added bonus, Tint-Pro provides a lifetime warranty backed by 3M.

To get high quality 3M window films for your home, contact Tint-Pro, the area’s largest and most reliable window tinting company for over 29 years. Tint-Pro is an authorized installer of all 3M’s window films including the industry leading Sun Control Window Film, and has the perfect film solutions for every home. Call 610-409-8000 for a free estimate or browse their line of window tinting options online at Tint-Pro.com


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