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Maximize the Potential of your Garage with Custom Storage Solutions

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Your garage has so much potential beyond simply being a place to park vehicles. With the right organizational systems your garage can reach maximum efficiency and serve as extra storage space for your belongings. A garage organization expert can transform your cluttered garage into an organized room ideal for tools, bicycles, lawn furniture, and tools that coexist nicely with your vehicles.

Knowing where to look for what you need is key to garage organization, and a garage organization expert will make this easier with a wide variety of innovative solutions to store whatever you need in your garage. Slatwall and Gridwall garage organization accessories are two highly functional and dependable options to choose among.

Slatwall is a wall panel system that uses many different storage solutions such as racks, baskets, and shelves, which are placed on the wall. It comes in many different colors to match the rest of your garage and home. Gridwall shares a lot in common with Slatwall, except it does not consist of panels, but rather a metal grid. This grid is attached to your wall and dressed up with storage accessories such as hooks, racks, and baskets. These wall systems not only work on your wall, but also inside cabinets. These cabinets come in an endless number of finishes and are built to withstand the harshest of garage environments.

Other storage solutions such as overhead racks are perfect for seasonal items, motorized bike lifts, car lifts, tire racks, heavy lift systems, kayak hoists, tire stops and even wall guards to protect the walls of your garage from scuff marks caused by a car door. Keep in mind that you will want to protect your garage floor during your renovation as well. You will want a floor that is equally as updated as the rest of your garage.

A vailable in a wide range of textures, designs, and colors to match your cabinetry, high-performance epoxy floor coatings are developed specifically for garage floors. These coatings protect your floors against spills, abrasions, and stains. You can also opt to have your garage floor covered with up to 100% UV protection, which will prevent your floors from yellowing in the future.

Prior to an install, a garage organization expert will use the latest in 3D design software to generate a computer model of the finished project. Once approved, your newly organized and highly functional garage will be finished in as little as one week.

EncoreGarage™ of New Jersey is an award winning garage organization and enhancement company. Since 2004, they have transformed thousands of cluttered garages into clean, efficient spaces. EncoreGarage™ offers a full range of storage solutions made of the highest quality material. They use environmentally friendly technologies along with their own team of professional installers to help build their ever growing list of happy clientele. EncoreGarage™ specializes not only in garage organization and flooring, but they also have a separate closet division, Contemporary Closets, to organize all the other rooms in your home. To schedule a free, in-home consultation, call EncoreGarage at (732) 409-7707 or Contemporary Closets at (877) 647-7331 or visit EncoreGarageNJ.com or ContemporaryClosets.com.


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