Make A Smooth Transition with a Newly Resurfaced Pool

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Make A Smooth Transition with a Newly Resurfaced Pool

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You have probably been counting down the days until you can get back to enjoying your pool again. However, it may not be as pristine as you remembered it after a long winter. Having the interior of your pool free of cracks and stains is important both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Cuts and scrapes resulting from rough spots in the interior can ruin any pool day, while unsightly chemical stains will make people think twice before getting in the water.

A pool resurfacing expert can handle all of these scenarios and prevent them from happening in the first place. restore the interior of your pool with quality plaster finishes from trusted brands like Diamond brite, River Rok or Maui Gem. These durable plaster finishes are available in a wide range of textures and colors, such as Pearl, Aqua Quartz, onyx or blue Marlin and Pebble or Polished Finish. Ask your pool resurfacing expert which brands, styles and color options are available.

Once you have decided on a plaster resurfacing product, and before the resurfacing project can begin, the necessary preparations must be made. before the project begins and after you’ve decided on a plaster, the pool must be prepared for resurfacing. Your pool remodeler must empty the pool, remove lights and drain covers and strip the interior of old paint. Sandblasting leaves dust on your windows and gardens, which it is why it is recommended to using an alternative. Experts trained in more modernized methods will use mess-free water blasting instead.

After the preparations are completed, your pool resurfacing will begin. You should only be using slip-free plaster that is both stain and chemical resistant. The higher-end products are more dependable and easier to maintain.

In addition to restoring and protecting the interior of your pool, a resurfacing expert can also install beautiful coping or tiling to the exterior of the pool. Coping for the edge of your pool can be customized for a traditional or modern look, and can be made from modern look with brick, slate, travertine, limestone and flagstones of varied shades, thicknesses and weights. Tiling can give your pool a nice, finished touch. Pick a color that either accents your pool patio or vibrantly stands out. Either way, tiling helps protect the edge of your pool and is a great finish to a plaster refinishing or coping job.

The right experts will guide you through the process before it starts and see to it that your pool is safe, beautiful and durable for many seasons to come. Coronado’s Pool Plaster, Inc. has served Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 26 years by providing unrivaled service and craftsmanship. Their family owned and operated business is committed to quality and safety and is a certified member of the National Plasters Council and longtime member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. For whatever work you need done, call the company that swimming pool builders call, Coronado’s Pool Plaster, Inc. Call 215-723-5885, to schedule a free consultation, and visit them online at CoronadosPoolPlaster.com to view their portfolio or learn more about their service. 


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