Louvered Patio Covers: Adjustable Style, Comfort and Protection

Looking for a new and exciting addition to your home?
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Louvered Patio Covers: Adjustable Style, Comfort and Protection

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Looking for a new and exciting addition to your home?

A louvered roof is a unique home upgrade that allows you to control when and how much sun your patio or deck receives, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. With today’s models featuring push-button controls, stylish and durable materials, and a quick installation process, there’s no reason not to start planning yours this spring.

Louvered roofs are freestanding additions to your existing roof, similar to some types of patio covers. But unlike patio covers, louvered roofs boast a unique style with the ability to adjust to your preferred amount of sunlight at the push of a button. You may open it completely to allow 98 percent of the sunlight though or adjust it to varying levels of shade and air flow. This versatility allows you to close your roof entirely for relief from the midday sun or precipitation, since a closed louvered roof is also waterproof.

A louvered roof also protects the interior of your home from the effects of to much sunlight. By closing the roof, you can eliminate interior glare, which protect your furniture, carpets and curtains from fading, as well as reduce inside temperatures by as much as 20 degrees in adjacent rooms. with smart usage, this can also result in as much as a 30 percent savings on your home’s utility bills.

Top quality louvered roofs are built from extruded aluminum, a material that’s an amazing 500 percent stronger than rolled aluminum, and they’re designed to withstand high winds, rain, hail, heavy snow loads, sleet and the hot scorching sun. To assure maximum durability, the aluminum is subjected to water resistance, air pressure, and hurricane-simulated wind tests.

Get an amazing louvered roof for your home by contacting American Louvered Roof Systems. Proud manufacturers of zero maintenance, 100% american built, electrostatically powdercoated extruded aluminum louvered roofs, American Louvered Roof backs all their products with a lifetime guarantee. Call 856-261-7506 for your no obligation design consultation or check out Louveredroofs.com for more information. 


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