Lifesaving Home Improvements: Storm Rooms and Safe Rooms

If you are considering a home improvement project this spring, think about the dual function of beautifying your home while also adding security.
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Lifesaving Home Improvements: Storm Rooms and Safe Rooms

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If you are considering a home improvement project this spring, think about the dual function of beautifying your home while also adding security.

By Vincent G. Cerio

As we say goodbye to frigid temperatures and snow, many of us are turning our attention to sprucing up our homes. There is no better time to make your home stronger and safer for you, your family and your keepsakes all at the same time!

What if the safest room in your house could also be a beautiful room where your family watches TV every day or you entertain guests?

When most people think of a storm room or safe room, a bunker usually comes to mind. Bunkers weren’t visually appealing, but times have changed. New technology now makes it possible for a beautiful TV room, home office, game room or wine cellar to be the safest room in your home - providing protection where you spend the most time. After all, the best safe room should function just like any other space in your home – until you need it. 

Having this added safety provides peace of mind and shelter when disaster strikes – from severe weather events or other dangerous conditions like a home invasion, fire or burglary. In addition to adding safety, installing a safe room during your project could increase the value of your home, creating additional resale value.

Hurricane season begins on June 1, so why not plan ahead? Make sure you have a safe, protected place to go during a severe weather event, or a safe place to store your valuables if you have to evacuate - or when you go on vacation.

Here are a few things to consider when incorporating a safe room into your home improvement project:

Choosing a Place in Your Home

The beauty of adding a safe room to your home improvement project is the ease in which you can incorporate it into your plan to finish a basement or add a room. In order to ensure your safe room is sturdy to withstand any and all disasters, the room should be windowless and securely anchored to a concrete foundation or slab. Make sure your shelter is installed by a trained and licensed installer.

Available Amenities

To get the biggest bang for your buck, a safe room should function just like any other room in your house, and accommodate heating, cooling and electrical outlets. A storm shelter like the DuPont™ StormRoom™ with Kevlar® can do just that - increasing the room’s functionality.

Consider what activities will occur in the room, and what valuables you wish to protect to determine a size that works best for you. Room sizes typically range from 4’ x 4’ to 12’ x 12’.

You should also consider avoiding a storm room that has a step, or other barrier that would make it difficult for someone with special needs to enter. When an emergency presents itself, the speed in which you can access the room is critical.


Many storm shelters are made of steel, and impede cell phone and WiFi signals. But, what good is your safe room if you can’t stay connected with the outside world in an emergency? A DuPont™ StormRoom™ with Kevlar® does not interfere with radio, phone or WiFi signals, so you can be sure to stay in touch if disaster strikes.

Added Protection

Are you only seeking to protect against natural disasters, or are manmade storms something else to consider? Aside from keeping you safe inside an entry-proof room, storm rooms can be treated to protect against ballistics and fire, and be fitted with an electronic keypad that can even be concealed with a decoration such as a framed picture. Combined, these layers of protection can keep you - and what matters most to you - safe in virtually any type of emergency.

Vincent G. Cerio is President and Founder of StormRooms of New Jersey, the only authorized dealer of DuPont™ StormRooms™ with Kevlar® in the state. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army.



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