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Improve Your Garage with Custom Storage Solutions

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Most of us take our garage for granted. We simply park our car in there after a long day at work, if we can even squeeze it in between the bicycles, lawn mower, Christmas lights and basketballs. With the right organizational system, cabinets and flooring, your garage can reach maximum efficiency and serve as more than a shelter for your car.

Garage organization experts don’t just have you sweep out the leaves and hang your bicycles on racks. They completely redesign the storage and workspace into a sleek, spruced-up room you won’t even recognize. The rusty workbench covered with burnt-out light bulbs and bent nails can be transformed into a safe, modern workshop or even a gym. The main reason to use an expert is to utilize their innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Two common remedies for poor garage organization are slatwall and gridwall accessories. Each product is similar and can be used to hang a variety of organizers, such as hooks, baskets, and shelving. Slatwall panels cover unsightly walls, come in a variety of colors and are incredibly durable. Gridwall differs in appearance, offers more sizing options and is available in traditional colors. These organizing systems can easily hang on your walls or inside the garage cabinets to make for a well-kept space.

Depending on your taste and lifestyle, cabinets can be customized to suit your particular needs. All of the cabinets are made of commercial grade thermal-fused laminate (TFL) surface material and are offered in numerous styles, configurations, and sizes. Compared to kitchen cabinets, they are designed to a much higher standard of durability and built to withstand harsher garage environments.

Other storage options include overhead racks which are perfect to store seasonal items, and motorized bike lifts, tire racks, heavy lift systems, kayak hoists, tire stops and even wall guards to protect the walls of your garage from marks caused by a car door. When you are through looking up, don’t forget to look down! You will want a garage floor that is equally updated and durable as the rest of the space.

High performance epoxy floor coatings protect garage floors against spills, abrasions and stains, and look amazing! With colors to compliment your cabinets, storage racks and cars, the textures and the designs are nearly limitless. You can also opt to have your floor covered with UV protection, which will prevent your floors from yellowing in the future.

The top garage organization companies, such as EncoreGarage of New Jersey, use the latest in 3D design software to generate a computer model of the finished project before any work is started. This will give you the ability to see the new possibilities for your existing garage. A complete installation can be done in as little as two days.

Choose EncoreGarageTM of New Jersey, an award winning garage organization and enhancement company. They have transformed thousands of cluttered garages to clean, efficient spaces. Specializing in combining aesthetics with functionality, they pride themselves on delivering a beautiful end result to fit your needs, style and budget. Their own team of professional installers use environmentally friendly technologies to help grow their list of happy clientele. EncoreGarageTM specializes not only in garage organization and flooring but also has a separate closet division, Contemporary Closets, to organize all the other rooms in your home. To schedule a free, in-home consultation, call EncoreGarage at 732-409-7707 or Contemporary Closets at 877-647-7331 or visit EncoreGarageNJ.com or ContemporaryClosets.com


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