Heat Your Pool with Solar Energy

A SolarSwim pool heating system takes advantage of the largest source of free energy available: the sun!
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Heat Your Pool with Solar Energy

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A SolarSwim pool heating system takes advantage of the largest source of free energy available: the sun!

SolarSwim systems eliminate chilly water year after year without any ongoing costs. Not only will you get free heating all season long, but you can take your first dip in may and still be swimming into October.

SolarSwim will conduct a free solar analysis and energy audit of your pool to determine how it can benefit from a solar heating system. There are different types of solar heating systems to fit the needs of any home. Choose from roof mount, rack mount or landscape- integrated installations. A solar heated pool can keep the temperature of your pool 10-15 degrees warmer throughout the swimming season.

These are proven technologies. SolarSwim is the largest and oldest solar thermoplastics contractor in New Jersey and has been installing their low cost, high performance, automatic solar heating systems since 1990 with almost a thousand installations throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania replacing existing and obsolete gas and electric heating systems.

Lower All Pool Operating Costs

SolarSwim also installs energy efficient pump and filter upgrades. These efficient upgrades run on much less power than previous models. Company president Bob griffin explains how their company can provide savings and comfort that go hand-in-hand: “An average 700 square foot pool running a 2 horsepower pump requires almost $3,000 a year in gas and about $800 in electric. The addition of a solar heating system and a new energy- efficient pool pump can cut total costs of operation down to just about $280 per year!” It is no wonder solar pool heating has been the number one selling solar energy technology in the United States for the last 25 years.

So get the best for your pool with a call to SolarSwim, New Jersey’s most recommended pool heating company. With decades of experience in energy- efficient products and design, SolarSwim can help you enjoy a comfortable and affordable pool all season long. For a Free solar analysis of your pool, call 800-894-Solar (7652), email sales@ solarswim.net, or visit SolarSwim.net for more information about their energy saving and comfort technologies. 


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