Get More from the Outdoors

Now is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor experience and maximize your enjoyment of every season. To do this, turn to customized outdoor rooms and decks.
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Get More from the Outdoors

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Now is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor experience and maximize your enjoyment of every season. To do this, turn to customized outdoor rooms and decks.

Fall evenings have always been great for creating memories with friends and family, or just relaxing and enjoying the sounds of nature and the view. These options create exceptional and appealing extensions of the home that are both stylish and functional. Your outdoor space will soon become just as popular as the other rooms in your home.

Today’s decks and outdoor rooms are much more than just a place for patio furniture and a grill, they can now be fully functional recreation areas. With great features available, such as a fully stocked kitchen, fine wooden bar, fire pit and more, these areas can be custom designed for modern needs. If you want to turn your deck or outdoor room into the place to be on game day, consider a surround sound system and a backyard bar, with plenty of accent lighting to keep the fun going into the night. With a wide range of options available for properties and spaces of any shape and size, the right professional can blend your new space with your existing decor for a seamless and appealing transition.

With advances in construction materials, today’s decks and outdoor rooms are made to last. Synthetic decking solutions require limited maintenance, and are highly durable and more cost effective than ever before. Elegant and natural looking, they’re also insect resistant, need no costly staining or sealing treatments, and resist rotting, splintering and splitting. Authentic woods, such as cedar, ipe or mahogany are also available, and offer the classic look of natural hardwood. Whether you choose an exotic hardwood or a premium synthetic, your deck will look great for years to come.

Before the construction process begins, sit down with a professional designer for a consultation. Explain both your vision and your needs for your new deck or outdoor room. The designer will then create a custom plan based on your budget and expectations. The right firm will also offer great suggestions for improvement. From a lavish area for dining and entertaining with ample seating and amenities, to a simple and calming place to relax and unwind, the right designer can do it all. It’s the best way to start enjoying your outdoor living spaces today. If you already have a deck or outdoor room, today’s professionals can remodel or repurpose it for you. Consider adding a privacy wall to an outdoor room or a shade cover to an existing patio for extra comfort and protection.

To maximize your outdoor living space, trust Deck Remodelers. Nationally recognized for their unique design, Deck Remodelers is an industry leader in craftsmanship, uses the highest quality materials and provides unmatched outstanding customer service. Call 973-729-2125 for a complementary design consultation, or visit them online at DeckRemodelers.com for more information. 


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