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Frustrated with Your Floors? It's Not You

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You know that keeping a clean home is more than just about appearances, but maintaining a healthy interior environment, yet try as you might your floors, counters and showers just don’t come as clean as when they were installed.

The good news, more than likely, it's not you, but your floors or hard surface. Damage often masquerades as a having a dirty appearance.

Most grout begins to show stains within six months of installation, largely due to either issues with the initial seal application, or the introduction of an incompatible cleaner that removes the seal. The most frustrating part is that the more aggressively one cleans, the more one might make things worse not better.

The good news is that MARBLELIFE can not only restores a pristine new appearance, but deliver a surface that is better than new. Why better, because we define and then address the root cause of the problem, and then define the best and more importantly easiest, way to maintain it.

Generally in less than a day, even a floor that looks like it needs to be replaced can be restored to better than new. Visit our web site to see more examples. All the images present are MARBLELIFE work. Marble floors can be honed and restored to a brand new gloss appearance. Tile floors, and particularly, the grout can be restored to a uniform color, and sealed in a manner that they will no longer be stainable. Stains result because dirt and debris can sink INTO the open pores within the grout or stone. The net result is that when we are done, you just have to keep the surface clean. You could throw a bucket of mud over your tile and when cleaned up would still look brand new.

Showers can be restored to a clean you would be happy to have a guest use. Floor and counter care have advanced tremendously over the past 10 years. MARBLELIFE has played a big part in defining root causes and addressing them in order to provide our clients not just beautiful results but solutions.

There’s a reason hospitals turn to MARBLELIFE to address their tile and grout staining issues, because they know that by eliminating places for dirt they also eliminate hiding places for bacteria, and in so doing help reduce incidences of secondary infection.

When you visit a restaurant, have a great meal, but then decline to ever return after visiting their facilities, you are experiencing the natural response we all have when we assess the health of a building we are visiting. This season, let MARBLELIFE, make keeping your home clean and healthy, easier than ever, while enjoying the beautiful restored appearances, confident that your guests will be just as comfortable when they see your floors, counters and showers on their next visit.


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