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Fall is for Planting

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Without a doubt, autumn is the best time to plant trees and shrubs, and install new landscapes. Warm days and cool nights are an optimum setting, giving them a jump-start for great spring growth.

The soil is easy to work, and without the scorching sun plant roots can hold in moisture, making them less vulnerable to failure.

Although there are a few plants which are better moved in spring, most trees and shrubs have a higher survival rate and are easier to establish in fall since this is the time when plants are going dormant for the winter. Roots actually continue to grow throughout the winter, so when spring begins they’re already one step ahead.

Trees Love Being Planted in the Fall

If you could have a conversation with your trees, they would tell you that they prefer to be planted in the fall. Trees enter a dormant state in this season, making them less likely to suffer from either transplant shock or disease. The soil temperature from the past summer season has been warmed, so the conditions are ideal for root adjustment, giving your trees a great advantage for growth in the first year. Did you know that trees use winter to expand their root structures? By planting in the fall, you are giving your new trees several months to create strong, vigorous root systems.

This is also the time for winter preparation for your garden. Thinning out of trees now can prevent ice storms from tearing apart too-dense trees, proper mulching protects roots from freezing, and helps ensure needed moisture throughout winter, while plant roots are still growing.

Autumn is also a great time to add a patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or water garden to your yard. Cool evenings are ideal for gathering with friends and family around a roaring fire in the fire pit, while enjoying a barbecue dinner during cooler nights. hardscaping, such as walkways and patios, need to be designed and installed as part of an overall plan that creates a seamless flow of elements in your yard. an established professional will also be prepared to offer only the freshest, highest quality plantings from their own carefully nurtured nursery stock.

Finally, cooler weather is a perfect time to walk your yard, dream of your next project, and consult with a landscape expert on improvements to your home. The Green Scene has over 40 years of excellent landscape experience designing yards, installing patios, planting landscapes, and moving extremely large and mature trees. it is no wonder why The Green Scene is often consulted by other companies for expert advice. Considered “the landscaper’s landscaper,” they design and install all aspects of your landscape’s needs. Call The Green Scene now at 609-333-8540 or 609-462-4501 to discuss your project, or view their work on-line at TheGreenSceneNJ.com


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