Enjoy the Fresh Air with Retractable Screens

Stylish, affordable and offering both full ventilation and protection, retractable screens add value to your home as well as improved living.
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Enjoy the Fresh Air with Retractable Screens

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Stylish, affordable and offering both full ventilation and protection, retractable screens add value to your home as well as improved living.

Crisp breezes are one of the blessings of fall. They can bring the bounty of the scents of the season, such as the perfume of late blooming flowers and the comforting spice of new campfires. Fresh air is also a natural banisher of household odors, cleaning, invigorating and cooling a stuffy environment. How we wish we could just open the windows and doors and let the fall do its magic, but unfortunately, the fresh air is not the only thing that can get into our homes. Insects, rodents, harmful UV rays, and the neighbor’s gaze may also find their way inside where they don’t belong.

So what can we do? should we keep our homes shuttered tight or be forced to look at the world through standard screens, which are dark and cloud our view? Some lucky few have already found a better solution in the form of professionally installed retractable screens; they solve the problems that normally appear with open windows and doors or exposed porches and outdoor living areas.

What makes these innovative screens different from standard screens is the fact that they will glide into place when you need them, and retract back into low-profile housing when you don’t. Whisper-quiet, quality retractable screens work in harmony with your home, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your environment, both inside and out.

Retractable screens are not just for standard windows. Virtually any kind of window or door can benefit, from casement, awning, and tilt and turn windows, to double-French, sliders and single out-swing doors. They will never interfere with the normal operation of your windows or doors. Those of us with lovely architecture features, such as telescoping walls, balconies and roman archways will not be left behind. innovative designers have taken all of these possibilities into account.

Ideal for outdoor living spaces, homeowners can take advantage of executive motorized retractable screens that appear at the touch of a button. They can be either recessed or surface mounted. Their operation can be synchronized with your home’s automation system for ultimate convenience. Ask about optional wind or solar sensors that automatically adjust to your desired settings, keeping you and your family comfortable, without ever having to lift a finger. For manual control, remotes can be wall mounted or handheld.

Whether you are looking for discreet window and door screening or wish to transform a porch, veranda or balcony into a true outdoor room, contact Timco of New Jersey. They are New Jersey’s authorized distributor and provider of Phantom® Screens, the top manufacturer of retractable screens. Timco is committed to providing superior quality, professional installation, and outstanding service to its customers, and backs its products with an industry leading limited lifetime warranty. To learn more, visit PhantomScreensNJ.com, or call Timco at 732-534-9173 or 1-888-Phantom. 


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