Enjoy Safe, Beautiful Spring Nights with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends the time you can spend outdoors well into the night while improving the look, safety and security of your home.
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Enjoy Safe, Beautiful Spring Nights with Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting extends the time you can spend outdoors well into the night while improving the look, safety and security of your home.

Sunny Skies, pleasant temperatures and outdoor activities will begin sooner than you think. If you like barbecues, evening swims, or just sitting on the porch to watch fireflies after dusk, proper outdoor lighting can help you make the most of the warmer seasons.

Custom designed lighting plans for your home’s landscape is neither difficult nor time consuming with the right professionals. unlike general contractors or landscapers who may install outdoor lighting on the side, lighting specialists combine landscaping principles and architectural lighting design to offer amazing displays of functional illumination. If you’re unsure which lighting setup is right for you, select few professionals are able to offer live nighttime demonstrations. These let you see what your home could look like with new outdoor lighting installed.

The possibilities are impressive. Lighting arrays generally pair illuminating main lights with accent pieces that highlight specific areas. Imagine a favorite flower bed draped with a soft white glow, the shimmering silver reflected from your pond or bold purples adding playfulness to your pool. Spotlights can be employed to highlight key points of your home’s architecture, while accent pieces, like rows of small torchlights, highlight paths and walkways around the property.

Outdoor lighting also improves the safety and security of your home. A lighting plan that’s designed for function in addition to beauty will make sure to highlight areas where nighttime sight is a necessity. Floodlights can illuminate the driveway so you won’t have to fumble with your keys, while perimeter lights and exterior lights can light up pathways and areas of potentially hazardous footing. Lights can also be outfitted with automated sensors and positioned in ways to deter intruders or nocturnal pests.

To get beautiful outdoor lighting for your home, contact Moonlight Complements, one of New Jersey’s leading landscape and architectural lighting companies. Moonlight Complements has many years of outdoor lighting design experience, takes pride in working to exceed their clients expectations at the best price, and is a New Jersey state licensed electrical contractor. They’ll also schedule a free nighttime demonstration at your home so you can see what kind of lighting plan you would like to have installed, and they’ll install it as soon as possible upon approval. It is a smart, “try before you buy” experience. Moonlight Complements only uses premium outdoor lighting fixtures crafted from the highest grade materials, including solid copper. To schedule an appointment with a lighting professional, call Moonlight Complements at 732-382-5278, or visit their website at LightingAfterDark.com for more information. 


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