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10 Amazing Household Uses for Coconut Oil

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Homeowners are discovering the many amazing uses for coconut oil in the home. Natural and versatile, this staple should be added to your grocery list. Fortunately, you can find coconut oil in most major stores, such as Costco.com, Amazon.com and Trader Joe’s. If you haven’t tried this product yet, pick some up and find out what others are raving about. 

Choose a quality product, and stay away from “junk” coconut oil. While inferior oils may be a little cheaper, they often aren't well filtered, and you may not get the best results. Ready? 

Here are 10 household uses for coconut oil. 

Amazing Wood Polish

Stop putting synthetic chemicals all over your wood furniture. Instead, clean and moisturize your wood with coconut oil. It will sink into the surface and keep wood furniture preserved. It also give a more natural appearance than chemical wood polish, which is very pleasant. Add additional oil and buff, if you want a glossier shine.

Leather Cleaner

First bush off any surface dirt and then rub a small amount of coconut oil on to your leather surface. A very small amount is all that you need. Use a clean cloth to rub the oil in a circular motion. It will revitalize your leather and make it look new. 

Soap Scum Remover

For stubborn soap scum, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your toughest spots and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Next, use a sponge to scrub away the oil and the soap scum. For extra tough jobs, repeat, or try misting the surface with vinegar after you apply the coconut oil. 

Rust Remover

Yes, coconut oil can remove rust, too. Spread a thin layer on the surface of your rusty object and let it sit for two hours. Run warm water over the area and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Repeat as needed. 

Squeak Remover

Squeaky hinges grow silent when a little coconut oil is rubbed into them. It also works on sticky hinges and stuck zippers. 

Protector of Lawn Mower Blades

Start with clean lawn mower blades and carefully apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the surface of the blades to help prevent grass cuttings from sticking and clogging up your mower. The application will also help to discourage rust. (Fall Lawn Tips)

Cutting Board Conditioner

Don’t clutter your kitchen with fancy cutting board conditioning products. Take your clean, dry cutting board and add a little coconut oil to the surface. Use a soft cloth to rub it in. Let the board sit for ten minutes and then buff it with a new clean cloth. 

Gentle Metal Polish

Rub coconut oil over your clean metal surfaces. Let the oil sit for just a minute and then buff it off. This trick gets faucets shining as new. 

Use Coconut Oil to Season Cast Iron Pans

All cast iron pans must be seasoned. This protects the pan and adds a non-stick surface for proper cooking. A good tip for seasoning a pan is to first add a generous coating of oil to the inside of the pan, and then place it upside down on a cookie sheet. “Bake” in a 250 degree oven for an hour. After removing the pan and letting it cool, wipe out any excess oil. 

Egg Preserver

Extend the life of your eggs when you coat the shells with a little bit of coconut oil. The oil creates a barrier that reduces the amount of oxygen the egg is exposed to, thereby extending the shelf life of your eggs and preserving the quality. 



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