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Buying A New Home? Look At These 6 Tips So You Don't Get A Shabby Shack!

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Buying a new house can be terrifying for someone who has never made a purchase that large before. You want to make sure you are getting the most out of the money you are putting down.

The last thing you want to happen is wind up with a home you are unable to live in. Here are some tips and tricks you should take note of as you are going on house tours of potential new homes. 

1. Find a house with a lot of natural light. This means a home with windows all around. Natural lighting can save you tons on your electric bill. Using natural lighting also makes you part of the "go green" movement that will help aid in living a sustainable life. Living in a place that is dark forces you to use lamps so you can see and might even cause depression. 


2. Watch out for staging while walking through houses. Companies will come in to set up vignettes of living spaces so that you get distracted from issues the home may have. They could strategically place furniture and home decor items over holes in the wall, ugly electrical wires, broken windows, or stains on the floor. Make sure that before you decide to purchase that you thoroughly look at every aspect of the home and don't get fooled!


3. Which way your house faces can be a huge factor that people don't put to much thought into. If you are a big gardener, having you home face the East means that the front of your home will get the sun in the morning. The rest of the day the sun will be in the back of your home that faces the west. With that being said, the front of your home will not be an ideal spot for gardening. Most plants need an abundance of sun so if you want a beautiful entry into your home, look for a house that faces the west of north. Those directions get a majority of the sun for the day. 


4. Plumbing is an obvious one but when not looked at properly can cause extensive damage and cost you big bucks to fix. If it is an older home that you are looking at, look at the pipes for any damages and the boiler to see how old it is. A lot of day to day activities revolve around water so it must be in tip top shape. If the pipes are bad and leak you may begin to grow black mold which is highly hazardous to your health. 


5. Another water involved item you want to check is the roofing and the gutters. Obviously a roof with holes is an absolute no go but youhave to look at it closer when it seems fine. If there are missing tiles or signs of water damage make sure to ask questions and look at it cloers. You don't want to buy a property that you are going to have to do extensive work. As for the gutters, make sure they are properly set up and the water drainage is sent away from the house. If it is not, there could be flooding in your home which can lead to worse problems like black mold. 



6. Lastly, look for any signs of pests! Nobody wants an infested home with cockroaches, mice, bed bugs, or weevils. Signs of these nasty things can be weird smells, droppings ( especially from mice and rats), nests, holes in the walls, and gnaw marks. Although you may think an infestation is gone, you need to exterminate your home once every month. If you have outdoor pets, you may want to do it more often. Pets can bring fleas into you home that will lay eggs into your carpet and will keep repopulating. 

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