Walk-In Closets: Creating A Dream Space for Your Style

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Walk-In Closets: Creating A Dream Space for Your Style

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For many, style is a representation of who you are. What you present yourself in takes work, planning, and most importantly, organization. Having a space to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories is important to creating the perfect styled look you aim for everyday. Walk-in closets create a space for creativity and design for the outfit choices you put together. Being able to walk into an organized room and know exactly where everything is makes life simpler and styling that much easier.

The typical closet you may be thinking of includes shelves and some bars for hanging space. Closets can be so much more than that, and they should be. A space that holds your style should also represent your style as well. Using lamps, ottomans, chandeliers, rugs, and throws can spice up your closet and make it more than just a room for storage--it can become an oasis of design.

Is there a pair of shoes you adore? Or an accessory that you think deserves a proper display when it’s not being worn? Add lighting to your shelves and a storage space can be turned into a museum-like display for your favorite belongings.

Adding glass doors are another great addition to a walk-in closet. Seeing through the doors can make getting ready in the morning that much easier instead of scrambling through different drawers and doors.

Having good lighting in your closet is very important. When styling outfits, if there is not good lighting, the outfit you put together in your closet may not look the same when you step outside. Creating a nicely lit atmosphere can make all the difference.

Adding a unique lighting fixture or chandelier can make a closet space more unique. Also adding decorative ottomans can add more style, and more seating options. Both additions are great ways to integrate your own design style in your closet.

Masculine style walk-in closets have a lot to offer. Their sleek and modern style would look great in any contemporary home. Glass doors and open space are perfect for this look. In this type of closet, not much is out for the eye to see, and many of the clothes, shoes, and accessories are put away in drawers. This can be more appealing to some because it takes away the clutter aspect of a closet.

No matter your style, there are many different ways you can create a dream closet that is perfect for you.


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