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Why Custom Fire Pits Rock

Exterior & Landscaping | HGDI ADMIN

As the evening settles, family and friends gather around the fire. There is something ancestral, grounding, and instinctive. Taming fire is something that reaches deep into our DNA. This is why a home fire pit is not only an attractive investment, but an element that completes the sense of home. 

How to Buy a Fire Pit

Running to a store that sells fire pits and plopping one down in the middle of your backyard is not hard to do. After all, fire pits are popular enough to be sold in grocery stores, seasonally. You can find a standard round fire pit with cover, or a square fire pit with extra features, such as a slate tile wraparound in any number of home improvement stores, as well. 

These units are wonderful if you have a spontaneous desire to roast a few marshmallow with the kids on a fall evening, but for a long-term addition to your home that will bring enjoyment and value for many years, not just any fire pit will do. 

Benefits of a Custom Fire Pit

There are many benefits of a custom fire pit. These installations are designed exactly for your needs, and a good fire pit designer will consider personal factors, such as the size and design of your home, your property, the size of your family, your climate, and how often you entertain. 

Safety is another important factor, especially if there are young children in the home. 

When you design your addition, you can also choose your:

  • Materials
  • Fire pit color
  • Fire pit glass
  • Preference of a wood fire, a gas fire or the option for both
  • Design style
  • Custom landscaping features and accessories

The Difference Between a Fire Pit and an Outdoor Fireplace

Both a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace provide warmth, ambiance and some cooking functionality, but the two structures have some differences. 

An outdoor fireplace works well for just a few people. For a quiet, romantic evening, an outdoor fireplace sets the mood. A fire pit encourages more of a group dynamic, with 360 degrees of access. For a fun evening filled with storytelling, laughter and s’mores, perfect is the fire pit. 

While both can serve as a decorative focal point, an outdoor fireplace has more mass and structure. A fire pit, in comparison, is less obtrusive and will not interfere with your garden view. 



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