The Down to Earth Way to Start a Vegetable Garden
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The Down to Earth Way to Start a Vegetable Garden

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Whether you are a city dweller or country homesteader, you and your family can reap the harvest from your very own vegetable garden. We’ve eliminated the fuss to bring you the basics of growing your own food.

Start with a Raised Bed

A raised bed provides optimal growing conditions for vegetables, and is easy to maintain. A raised bed can be as small or as large as you want to make it. All you need is a container and some soil. DIY your own raised bed container, or order one ready made from a manufacturer, such as CedarCraft. 

Place your raised bed in a flat spot that is sure to get six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day.

Mix Your Soil

For happy vegetable plants, give them the right soil. Create a mix of one-part topsoil to one-half-part compost, both of which can be easily purchased as garden centers, home improvement stores, big box stores or online. 

How to Plant

Check your seed packets and plant your vegetable seeds with their guidelines. Basically, just sprinkle the seeds, cover them with soil and keep them moist. Seedlings will spout in a few days. You can also opt to buy the seedlings themselves and plant them in your garden.  Harvest your bounty when it is ready. Staggering the planting of quick growing crops, such as lettuce, will ensure you have fresh home-grown vegetables all season long. 

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