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Take the Plunge with a Custom-Built Pool

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If you have been thinking of taking the plunge and ordering your new custom built swimming pool, then you are in luck. Your timing is perfect. Low prices and new design elements combine this year to make it a great time to take advantage of one of the most sought after amenities for the home.

Most of us do not start thinking about putting in a new pool until we are in the thick of the summer, when it becomes all too obvious what we are missing. At that point, it becomes nearly impossible to get a quality custom-built swimming pool installed before the end of the season.


Start from Scratch or Renovate    

Today’s top pool designers can install a new pool or refurbish your old one with modern style and appeal. Sometimes it is more cost effective to completely replace your pool with new construction that will make full use of the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that you get absolutely everything you want within your budget. The first step is to consult with a knowledgeable pool design team, who can advise you on the possibilities. Look for a firm that takes pride in building the safest, lowest maintenance, most cost effective pools in the industry.


Popular Design Elements    
While some of these elements have been around, you’ve likely only seen them available in high-end resorts. Fortunately, these designs and trends are now available to discerning homeowners.


Natural Pools

A growing and affordable trend that is also renewably responsible, natural pools offer eco-friendly design that eliminates the need for harsh pool chemicals. The water is kept crystal clear using modern technologies, freeing you from chemical exposure and a lifetime of having to purchase those chemicals.


Vanishing Edge Pools

Vanishing edge pools, also called infinity pools or negative edge pools give the illusion that the pool goes on forever or magically drops off into space. These pools make an impressive statement to your guests, while at the same time offering a relaxing vista of your property.


What to Look for in an Expert
Each installation or renovation service should begin with a consultation from a professional designer. The more experienced the expert, the more options they will have for crafting a custom pool. You will know this by the way they can not only steer you to the best overall pool, but also recommend details to give it unique character. Make sure to only seek out top firms who will honor your investment and make the entire process run smoothly.

You should be provided with a list of clients you can contact. If you are interviewing a pool firm that claims their customers don’t wish to be contacted, run away. When a client is happy with the work received, they are also happy to share that news.

Work should be backed with an extensive warranty, and the company should be available for regular maintenance and all season care, with the ability to repair, replace, or upgrade any feature on your pool.

To get the pool of your dreams, contact Swim-Mor Pools. Since 1967, Swim-Mor has provided complete installation and service of custom pools in the area. Featuring a vast portfolio and thousands of happy customers, Swim-Mor is always ready to provide you with the best pool service in the industry. Call 800-794-6667 for a free estimate today, or visit SwimMor.com for more information.


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