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Strategic Lighting Enhances Your Property and Keeps Your Family Safe

Exterior & Landscaping | Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Long Island

If your home is a canvas, then your outdoor lighting is the paintbrush. Outdoor lighting creates the desired ambiance, highlights focal points, makes artistic use of shadows and sets the right mood to appreciate the outdoors after dark. Strategic outdoor lighting does all that while providing heightened security for your property and your family. Clearly, a well-conceived outdoor lighting plan is critical to your enjoyment of your home as well as the safety of your loved ones.

No system in your home is called upon to multitask like your outdoor lighting. In the summer months, it keeps the party going long after the sun goes down. Specialized fixtures on decks, patios, and gazebos generate an inviting atmosphere in which to entertain or just hang out with family. Dramatic accent lighting on specific outdoor elements can make all the difference to your nighttime surroundings.

As the days get shorter and the weather severe, your lighting is there to protect you. Icy patches that can be deadly in the dark can be easily seen and avoided by lights in the right places. Steps can also become a safety hazard if not properly lit. Lighting walkways and entryways will not only improve the safety of family and friends coming and going, it will also act as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.

As convenient and easy to operate as it is functional, your outdoor lighting system can be fully automated with a computerized timer system thats calculates daily sunsets and turn on automatically after dark. The manual power switch gives you total control when you want it.

When it comes time to choose a lighting installation company, be sure to select a company well versed in state of the art lighting technology, including powerful, professional-grade, energy efficient LED lamps that provide maximum light output. Look for a firm that has the skill set and equipment to fully customize your system and then back it up long term with regularly scheduled maintenance and support. Ask for a nighttime demonstration before you buy to get a sense of how your lighting design will ultimately showcase your property.

This list of choices for fixtures is endless and constantly changing. Every day there are new and more advanced lighting fixtures emerging which are durable and won’t rust or chip. Your experienced lighting pro will protect your investment by routinely updating your system with the latest options, all of which will be carefully selected to stand up to even the harshest elements. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island is renowned for their nighttime demonstrations and innovative technology,and they will make it a priority to beautify and safeguard your home with the best in premium quality outdoor lighting solutions. Contact owners Amy and Dennis Dowling of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to discuss cost-effective custom outdoor lighting for your home at (631) 266-6200 or visit OutdoorLights.com to learn more.


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