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Reduce the Cost of your Project with Decorative Overlays

Exterior & Landscaping | Rebecca Focht

Decorative concrete overlays are the perfect solution for updating your existing concrete surfaces. They completely reduce the need to remove and re-pour concrete for your basement floors, pool decks, patios, and driveways. Decorative concrete overlays can also come in a vertical application that is an innovative repurposing solution for walls.

Decorative concrete is not only for aesthetic purposes but is also highly functional. It provides extra protection against extreme weather conditions and vehicle or foot traffic. You may also opt to have your decorative concrete sealed with a waterbased, clear finish for additional protection. This will provide great traction when wet and maintain a cool temperature even in direct sunlight.

When installing decorative overlays, your concrete surfaces will have an enhanced look and feel without the mess of a total renovation. A new, decorative overlay is an easy solution that reaps a higher overall property value for your home.

If you want your surfaces to look and feel like real stone with a decorative concrete overlay, SunStone is the solution for you. It is an architectural limestone concrete coating that produces a unique, natural appearance. It can be applied over many different surface types like concrete, brick, walls, foam, drywall, cinder block, stucco, and much more.

If you’re seeking an old-world look, SunStamp is a versatile, custom overlay that will give your concrete an old-fashioned look with the help of today’s technology. It consists of stamps, templates, freeform carving, and color techniques to create a custom texture.

For class European elegance, consider using the Tuscan style. This texture is achieved by hand-trowelling every installation into a custom masterpiece. It provides the look of a thicker stamped overlay with deeper textures and and other design elements to imitate stonework in Italy, Spain and France.

If your existing concrete has unintentional marks or blemishes that you want to hide, you need the SunCanvas solution. SunCanvas is an ultra-thin overlay that produces a smooth, decorative concrete surface. Sweeping, mopping or even pressure washing where possible will make maintenance a snap compared the alternatives to other flooring options. As an added bonus, it also reduces allergens in your home.

An economical decorative coating is SunSplash. It is a textured coating that can be applied to existing vertical or horizontal walking surfaces. It provides protection against water, salts, and environmental pollutants. The skid-resistant surface provides a great solution for high-traffic areas of your home such as walkways, pool decks, balconies, patios, and curbing.

For your decorative concrete needs, trust no one other than Creative Coatings Concepts. They are a local SunDek dealer serving all of Long Island. They have the only coatings approved by third-party testing authorities. Their services are often requested by...firms for being the best in the business. For a free, professional consultation, contact Creative Coating Concepts at 515-578-4874 or for more information visit their website at SunDek.com.


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