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Rainbow on the Roof

Exterior & Landscaping | DaVinci Roofscapes

Who says children should have all the fun with a box of crayons? These days coloring books for adults are a growing craze. And, for those homeowners who don't like to "stay in the lines" the roof is the perfect way to express themselves with color.

One of the largest viewing areas on a home exterior, the roof is the perfect palette for adding distinct colors to the home.

"Along with increasing the curb appeal of a house, adding color to a roof can make the overall home more attractive," says Kate Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. "I always encourage my clients to work with 'top down' color on a home. Start at the roof by selecting a favorite color and then work down the home exterior adding different, yet complimentary colors for the siding, trim, doors and window trim."

According to Smith, people too often get trapped into thinking they can just have a solid black or gray roof. "There are beautiful color blends of polymer slate and shake roofing tiles available from companies like DaVinci Roofscapes," says Smith. "A blend of colors gives a new perspective on the roof. There's everything from a Vineyard blend with eight different colors to Evergreen with two shades of green. The good news is that DaVinci offers 50 colors in stock, so homeowners have many options when it comes to adding color to their roofs."

Feeling like you want to create your own unique blend of colors for your roof? The Color Designer on the DaVinci website lets you do just that. The free online tool allows you to "mix and match" colors until you find the blend that best suits your personal style. Perhaps you want to blend together a Dark Weathered Gray, Light Chesapeake and add in a bit of Dark Violet. You can do that!

Even though having a color blend creates a striking roof, Smith says it's perfectly fine to stick with one roof color if you like. 

"Some people simply fall in love with the Dark Autumn, Smokey Gray or Dark Terracotta roofing colors and want their entire roof in that one color," says Smith. "The key here is to make sure the color (or colors!) you select reflect your home's personality and blend in with other homes in the neighborhood. While it's fine to be a showpiece home with a classy Light Tahoe colored roof, you don't want to be the home that sticks out with a Light Violet roof in a community of all dark roofs!"

The great news about the colorful DaVinci shake or slate tiles that you add to your roof is that they won't fade due to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, this roof is more than just a pretty color. It has been Class A rated for fire resistance and Class 4 rated for impact resistance. So, no matter if hail, failing tree limbs or sparks fly from a nearby fire, your roof, and your home, are protected.

Kathy Ziprik is a curb appeal guru and the public relations representative for DaVinci Roofscapes, a Kansas-based manufacturer of polymer shake and slate roofing tiles.



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