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How to Enhance Your Exterior Entryway

Exterior & Landscaping | Mikaila Cordeau

You can spice up your front entrance in many ways, but this article goes beyond a simple wreath, welcome mat, and plants. Those are all easy fixes, but why not take it a step further to really enhance your entrance.The ideas below are a collection of entrances that will hopefully inspire you to really change up your exterior entrance.

Color Door
A great way to enhance your entrance is with a bright colored door. You will notice that in many of these ideas the door is a unique color. Another item to make mention of is the plant holder; it is tall and adds height to your entrance while hold your plants.

Geometric Design
This entrance plays with shapes and edges. The aloe plants and patterned door add to the allure. The door is unique in many ways-- it is colored, patterned, and extended to where the door appears very tall and thin.

Unique Design Elements
This walkway is surrounded with flowers. The awning is decorated with lanterns. The wreath is non-conventional. The door is a bright red. The decorative urns add to the volume. Lastly, why just have a welcome mat when you can have a large patterned rug.


Many of these entrances execute symmetry, this space accomplishes this with two potted plants. This entrance has a gorgeous natural stone walkway, and fun numbers on the door.

Personal Homey Touches
This exterior entrance creates the homey feel with a rug, a piece of worn furniture,and eclectic potted plants. The personal touches are usually handmade, like the sign and the wreath.


Color Schemes and Furniture Pieces
This space has an adorable sitting area. A great way to amp up your porch is to add small pieces of furniture. This porch follows a classic black, white, and red color scheme that is timeless.

If a lot of additions is not your cup of tea, and you like the simpler things in life, make small tweaks. This space is enhanced by a fresh mint-color coat of paint on the door, the addition of gold numbers on the door, and a gorgeous yet simple mailbox. The door already has a gorgeous stained glass section, and the wreath almost blends with the color of the door.

Seasonal and Holiday Decor
An easy way to jazz up your exterior is to play around with seasonal and holiday decor. During this fall season it is easy to add lots of pumpkins and a harvest wreath.

Decorative Urns
Urns are wonderful to add height and a perfect place for a flower arrangement. This entrance is elegant and has subtle touches; such as, the gold trim on the door and the handmade welcome sign.  

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