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Fall Is the Best time for Planting and Custom Landscaping

Exterior & Landscaping | CLC Landscape Design

As summer days fade into the cooler evenings of fall, your backyard will once again take on a new purpose. Entertaining friends and family will move onto the deck or patio, and the grill will be turned off in favor of a fire pit. Today’s landscape design firms can make your backyard functional and enjoyable year-round.

The fall is the best time to do landscaping. Plantings and lawns grow better with cool nights and warm days. Transplanting, or moving a plant from one place to another, is also more conducive to fall months.

The creative choices that you make in the design of your home’s landscaping should begin with an innovative landscape design team who can take your vision of a dream backyard and bring it to life. Whether you are looking for an impressive poolside patio featuring a waterfall and lighted aquatic effects to light up the evening or an appealing area to entertain guests with a custom kitchen and fire pit, the possibilities are limitless with the help of the right landscape architect.

The sight and sound of flowing water has always been known to calm the mind, and an artistic water feature such as a pond, a stream or a fountain can create serene areas to sit and enjoy your yard. It is also possible to add Koi fish or other marine life to add more charm to the setting. Koi are for those with finer taste who enjoy an additional spark of life to their water features.

If your landscape dreams center around a pool, features like a swim up bar or even a hot tub are available. The wide variety of amenities that are available for exercise and entertainment are sure to make the pool the place to be.

For the dry land elements of your landscape, the right landscape team will be able to install custom decks, patios, pavilions with custom stonework, paved surfaces and all the appropriate plantings to complement them. Above all, you want to depend on design experts who understand your goals for your property and have the experience to complete the job so that you are satisfied with the result. They will also handle your project from start to finish, in a timely manner and remaining within your budget.

For your project, depend on CLC Landscape Design, licensed Landscape Architect, Richard Cording, and the CLC team of more than 30 employees. Their business has earned a stellar reputation over their 41 years in the industry. CLC has a long history of meeting the landscaping needs of homeowners, by providing outstanding customer service, and a wide range of services. Some of these services include swimming pool design and installation, as well as year-round maintenance, planting and gardening services, landscape lighting, and even holiday decorating. CLC Designs will help you enjoy your yard all year. Winners of over 20 Landscape Design Awards from the New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association and with an impressive portfolio of beautiful projects, CLC is proud to serve New Jersey and surrounding areas. To see their portfolio and for helpful tips and videos, visit them online at CLCdesign.com. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, contact them at 973-839‑6026.


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