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Enjoy a View and a Breeze with Retractable Screens

Exterior & Landscaping | Mid-Atlantic Retractable Screens

It is an intoxicating moment when the gentle warmth and pure sunlight of the season embraces you, tracking a bright and happy path into your home. Studies have shown that sunlight and fresh air can improve mood and health. Why not take full advantage of these benefits, thanks to proper screens for your windows and doors?

Phantom offers door screens for any type of entrance way. Whether your opening is made for double-French, sliding, or an in- out swing style doors, a retractable screen is a seamless add-on that won’t affect the door’s operation. Even better, a Phantom Legacy door screen’s unique integrated Latch and Release handle makes it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings. Legacy provides insect protection and natural ventilation for the home while maintaining the view and decor. Phantom door screens can be customized to fit almost any opening.

Phantom motorized screens are a great way to integrate an indoor space with the natural appeal of the outdoors, and provide shade, natural ventilation, and privacy to all sorts of open air living spaces. Phantom’s Executive Power screens can be fitted to patios, porches, pool houses and folding or sliding glass walls. These screens can be constructed to complement any architectural style, surface mounted to existing structures and recessed into columns or posts. In addition to providing the protection of a screen, they can offer additional shade and privacy to an area.

It is the ease of use factor that makes Phantom Retractable screens the premier option. Phantom screens are built to be dependable, yet low key at the same time. They are cased in high quality housings within the existing window or door frame, and the screens slide out for easy cleaning and maintenance
when needed. 

In addition to their superior utility, Phantom  screens also offer great looks. Phantom screens are durable and blend in with any architectural style. Whether you choose to screen a double-French doorway, add privacy to a living space or shade a window from the sun, Phantom Screens has a retractable screen solution that fits your needs.

For your home, and for the best selection of quality Phantom products, trust Mid-Atlantic Retractable Screens, the area’s premier authorized distributor since 1997. With a staff of experts to meet your needs, backed by Phantom’s limited lifetime warranty, they are the right solution for retractable screens. Mid-Atlantic offers sales, service, and installation of a wide range of Phantom products. Call 610-647-4902 today for a free estimate, and visit online at MidAtlanticScreens.com or PhantomScreens.com to see more.


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