Employing a Landscape Architect for your Spring Project

With Spring just around the corner it is not too early to investigate the services of a Landscape Architect for a landscape project.
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Employing a Landscape Architect for your Spring Project

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With Spring just around the corner it is not too early to investigate the services of a Landscape Architect for a landscape project.

The landscape project for your home is an extension of the property owners’ lifestyle choices. A backyard landscape project will add a new dimension to the living area of the property owner.

The skilled Landscape Architect is adept at designing spaces which transition seamlessly from one living area to the next. A raised patio may include an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace nook or pit for entertainment. A backyard pool may feature a “cozy corner” or hot tub. Alternatively, a perennial garden may include a stunning landscaped waterfall with a seating area. The proposal will reflect the owners’ personalities and entertainment styles and is best suited to design by a board licensed Landscape Architect who has a thorough knowledge of design and construction methods.

The discriminating property owner will recognize the value in requesting a consultation with a professional Landscape Architect. The Landscape Architect is a creative individual whose talent is in designing a property which is not only tailored to the property owners’ lifestyle, but which also accommodates the natural topography of the environment. The designer will want to spend time with the property owner or owners and become comfortable with the preferences and expectations of these individuals.

When a design plan is commissioned, the Landscape Architect will take site measurements to assist his or her evaluation of the property’s potential. The Landscape Architect will then provide a detailed drawing based on the site visit and consultation with the property owner. The concept drawing is subject to change and can be modified to suit the property owners’ preferences.

A professionally designed landscape will provide years of enjoyment for the property owner as well as enhancing property value. The well designed backyard will become an extension of your living space, just as the properly landscaped front yard will be a welcoming invitation to your home.

Landscape Aesthetics Inc., located in Central New Jersey, is a landscape architect design/build firm. In addition to providing a detailed plan, the highly experienced staff is able to install all aspects of the design from hardscape elements to carefully selected plant choices. Landscape Aesthetics designs and builds finely crafted stonework patios, walkways, fireplaces & fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pool surrounds and water features including ponds and waterfalls. Meticulously selected plantings will enhance the hardscape features. The staff at Landscape Aesthetics approaches each new opportunity with enthusiasm and a desire to create magnificent outdoor spaces tailored to the discerning property owners’ wishes.

Now is the ideal time to discuss your landscape ideas with a professional Landscape Architect. Landscape Aesthetics would be pleased to discuss a landscape project with you. Please feel free to request a consultation by visiting our website at: www.LandscapeAesthetics.com or by telephone at 908-766-7200.


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