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Create Your Dream Pool

Exterior & Landscaping | Alcamo Pools

After a long winter, many communities eventually get around to opening the community pool, but what if the excitement of pool opening day was as simple as walking into your own backyard?

Pools are a great source of fun, fitness and relaxation, and are a true symbol of warmer days that seem so far off during the winter. Now is the ideal time to plan ahead, and contact a professional pool designer today. The art of pool design has continued to evolve, and the possibilities range from basic to some of the most stunning resort style installations, all in the comfort and privacy of our own yard. Your custom pool can be built to fit your lifestyle, with the capacity for a large party, or the relaxing features to help you unwind at the end of the day.

Your pool design expert will be able to show you a wide range of possibilities of your completed pool before any physical changes are made to your property. An experienced pool design/ builder will help avoid any oversights during the construction process, and may even inspire some new ideas along the way.

Before you start worrying about the technological aspects of your pool, take a moment to enjoy the process, let your imagination create your dream pool. From there, the right pool design expert will do the rest to make those dreams a reality. The size, shape, and depth of your pool are all up to you, as are the features that make your pool your own. A waterfall, hot tub, or massage jets are just a few of the possibilities your pool expert will have available.

When it comes to pools, safety is one of the highest priorities, and your pool expert will be able to install safety features so that your pool can be safely enjoyed by people of all ages. Highly advanced water filtration systems, and underwater lighting are practical options for a cleaner and safer pool experience. Additionally, automatic cleaning systems and retractable covers can take the hassle out of pool maintenance.  Your new pool will add value to your home, and will be designed around the existing landscape.

If you already have a pool, your pool expert can recommend upgrades like lighting or a heater to improve your pool experience. They will also be able to handle all of your pool maintenance needs such as resurfacing and other repairs. Work can be completed in just a few days, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Trust the experts at Alcamo Pools for your project. Family owned and operated, they have proudly served New York for over 30 years. They are experts in all aspects of pool design, and can also handle seasonal pool maintenance and repairs. Their team is driven by a commitment to quality, and customer service. Contact them today for a free consultation, 631-543-8820, and visit them online at AlcamoPools.com to view their portfolio of fine work.


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