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5 Great Heat-Tolerant Plants

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In the middle of the summer, too much sunshine can be too much of a good thing for certain plants. Here are five plants that thrive under the rays.

The summertime is synonymous with sun, heat and lots of lovely growing greens things. As most have learned in elementary school science, the vast majority of plants require sunlight and heat to survive. But for many plants, too much of either one of these elements can be damaging or even fatal. Luckily, nature always finds a way.

People who have a container garden on their deck or porch don’t have to miss out on all the fun due to direct sun. And residents of high-heat, high-sunlight areas can still have beautiful gardens. The key is to be aware of which plants can tolerate high heat and then select ones from this group that are aesthetically pleasing as well. Here are five plants that can tough out high heat and look good doing it.

Top Five Hot Climate Plants

  • Angel’s Trumpet: This heavenly-named annual shrub can practically handle fire and brimstone. Angel’s trumpet typically does well in tropical and subtropical environments. This means it does well in daytime temperatures consistently in the mid 80’s. Angel’s trumpet blooms from late spring into the fall. Its flowers resemble the trumpets that they are named after and may be white, peach, yellow or orange in color. Angel’s trumpet releases pleasant fragrance in the heat and tends to attract hummingbirds.
  • Agave: If a garden needs an exotic-looking plant to spice things up, agave may be just the ticket. Agave varieties are defined by a tight circular pattern of thick leaves. They are perennials, and in their final season they bloom, producing large flowers. In some cases, the sap from these flowers can be used to create sweet nectar. This agave nectar rivals refined sugar both in terms of sweetness and healthfulness. Since agave plants are native to the southern US, Mexico and the tropics, they fare well in hot weather.
  • Bamboo: These days, bamboo is often used as a construction material. But it will always be a favorite for pandas and those that enjoy simple, elegant plants. Bamboo is a calming shade of green, and grows exceptionally quickly. Gardeners should be sure that they are prepared for this rapid growth, as bamboo stalks can reach a height of up to 20 feet. High heat and sunlight will do little to slow bamboo’s growth, and its leaves can eventually provide some shade for more sun-shy plants.
  • Angelonia: Aptly nicknamed “summer snapdragon,” Angelonia can handle hot summer weather and sports flowers which resemble those found on a snapdragon plant. Angelonia displays spiky flowers which may appear in shades of pink, purple or white. In exceptionally bright and hot areas, Angelonia will continue to flower well into the winter. Some varieties are more fragrant than others – this is a good question to bring up at the local nursery.
  • Lantana: Light up a garden with the cheery petals of lantana. This plant loves full sun and is known for attracting butterflies. Lantana flowers vary widely in color and may be white, yellow, red or pink depending on the variety. Lantana leaves are also worth staring at – each leaf sports two different color tones in unique patterns.

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