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3 Must Have Tools for the Perfect Fire

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When old man winter comes knocking on the door, turn him away with a cozy fire. No matter what the climate in your area, having a fire is one of the nicer aspects of the winter season.  Whether you like to take advantage of a romantic fire in the fireplace, a house warming wood burning stove, a backyard fire pit, or even a fun campfire at the beach, the delight of a real fire is powerful. 

Many of us shy away from such enjoyment, because we aren’t sure how to start a fire, or think it is too much trouble to do so. The following five products can make building a home fire not only easy, but a lot of fun, too.

Funky Colored Flames

Add a colorful spark to your fire with funky colored flames and turn an ordinary gathering around the fire into a private light show. These special flame crystals burn blue, green and purple when added to your wood burning fireplace or outdoor fire. Add a packet and then enjoy the brilliant show. Each packet burns for approximately 30 minutes. 

Funky Flames will impress your guests and delight children. Available at most retail stores and online. 

This product retails for less than $8 for a 3-pack. 


Bison Airlighter

Nothing is worse than trying to light a fire and failing. Traditional lighters leave a lot to be desired. Usually they don’t work well, or worse, force you to get so close to the flame that you burn yourself. 

The Bison Airlighter runs on a patented technology that jets a 4-inch flame to instantly ignite your fire, but what makes this tool invaluable is what happens after the kindling catches. The flame can be turned off and a built-in cool air fan will feed air to the fire and help it spread quickly and easily. No more dangerous manual blowing on your fire to get to flame. 

Plus, the device remains cool to the touch and features a built-in LED flashlight, making it the perfect tool for everything from the grill to the campfire.

The Bison Airlighter retails for $99. To order or for additional information visit www.airlighter.com.



What if you could set up a quick campfire practically anywhere outdoors? OneLogFire is a portable firepit you can take along on your next outing or set up in your own backyard. 

Using kiln-dried logs that burn from the inside, OneLogFire offers up to two hours of burning time in a compact package. With a built-in handle, the log is easy to carry, and there is no messy clean up. Just set it up and enjoy. 

Built-in non-toxic fire starters mean you can safely roast marshmallows or do a little campfire cooking, without fear. 

OneLogFire retails for $12.95 and is available individually, in a two-pack or in a six-pack. OneLogFire is sold online at www.onelogfire.com.


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