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Savvy Scarves: 7 New Ways To Use Scarves!

Clever DIY Ideas | Audrey.Lee

Scarves are fun little accessory items that add pops of color and style to ones outfit. If it can do that for your clothes, why not use them to do the same thing to other items to make them unique and stylish?

Look at the seven ideas below to incorporate your favorite patterns, colors and fabrics to your household items.  Scarves are usually inexpensive and come in a variety of options.These DIY projects can also be easily replaced to switch up a look according to the season or if you just want something new!

1. Lamp Shade

Wrap a scarf around the outer portion of an old lamp shade. Secure by simply gluing it down and around the entire shade. This will give you your own personal and custom lamps that look stylish and expensive. 


2. Purse Handle

Getting tired of your purse that is neutral and plain? Grab a scarf and wrap it around the handle. You can easily switch this look out when you want a new look or if you want to match your bag to your outfit everyday. It is a simple and clever idea that will keep your bag looking new!


3. Camera Strap

Personalize your camera strap to something more comfortable. Nobody likes a camera strap that rubs on their neck so take a scarf and a small piece of faux leather to create your own posh and comfy strap.


4.Table Runner

Lay a scarf down the center of your dining table as an inexpensive, unique and fun table runner. By doing this, you can grab scarves for every season to change up the look of your table top regularly to correspond to each season and holiday.


5. Gift Wrapping

This holiday season, skip using wrapping paper and instead, use a scarf. This doubles as an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper or bags with tissue paper and adds another inexpensive item to your gift as well. 


6. Sandal Ankle Straps

Take an old or plain pair of sandals and turn them into fun and fashionable accessory. Cut the scarf in half long ways and simply wrap the scarf around the thong part of the shoe. The extra fabric left over at the end is going to be used to wrap around your ankle, creating a gladiator-like shoe.


7. Pillow Covers


This final use for a scarf can be used to cover old or plain pillows. Wrap and tie the scarf around the pillow  and tie a secure square knot in the front of it for a personalized look. Changing the scarves out is simple and easy to do and will brighten up any room with color and texture.


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