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DIY Projects Just in Time for Warm Weather!

Clever DIY Ideas | Mikaila Cordeau

The summer season is just around the corner, but we still have a few colder days to get through until then. So take advantage of those days in by starting some DIY projects. These projects are perfect for the warm summer season and it is a great time to start to prepare. These projects range from different levels of difficulty, and some are more time consuming. So get your goggles and construction hats, or just a glue gun and let's get started!


This project is more time consuming and will take some manual labor, but it is a sure fire way to impress guests.

-Gather: Concrete based fire-pit Blocks, Lava Rocks, Shovel, and Optional Fire-pit Tray


  1. Use a Shovel to clear out the grass and provide a dirt base; the dirt base should be about 1 inch wider than the circumference of the fire-pit.

  2. Lay the concrete blocks in a circle and add on each layer until it is at your desired height.

  3. Fill the pit with lava rocks.

  4. Add optional fire-pit tray [like pictured]; dig a shallow space deep enough to fit the tray in the lava rocks.  

  5. Add wood logs and enjoy!


Outdoor Seating
This can be done in a variety of ways. For one example you can have a more rustic approach with logs [like pictured]. This is a straightforward DIY. Lay the logs to create seating. You can tailor this project to your needs and specific wants.


Outdoor Hanging Mason Jars

Attach a chain to the lid of an open mason jar, fill the jar with marbles, pebbles or beans. Add a candle to the mix and voila!


Indoor hanging mason jars

A step-by-step tutorial is linked on our website. Here is the direct link.


Shell Candles

This is a very simple project where you just add candles to shells. It is that simple!


Paddle Headboard

Find old paddles and connect them with an adhesive or add them directly to the wall to create a headboard. They can also be attached to a frame to keep them in an organized fashion.


Laundry Basket Dresser

This idea is a great way to help with the chaos of the kids being home for summer. This project will also help all year round. 


Rustic Picture Hanger

Cute and simple; this is a way to get more than one picture in a frame with a rustic touch. Find any old frame and nail lines of twine lengthwise and add clothes pins to add pictures.


Dragon Flyer Garden Art

Take old wooden ceiling fan blades when the fan quits working and create yard art, like these butterflies. Waterseal, then polyurethane them well to prevent warping. The bodies are old table legs!


Garage Organization

Put a pallet to work as sports equipment storage. You can even paint the pallet to add some flair to your decor.


Cute Map Framed Idea

This idea is great to keep a memento of your summer travels; certain cities you went to or plan on going to. The things you need to make this one are map(s), glue, frame, background paper that fits frame, scissors and a template. Since, we want to make a typical heart-shaped map, then we will use a heart template, but the possibilities are endless. Choose any cities you desire, cut them as its template shape, glue them on your background paper, then lastly you can frame your heart maps.


Colorful Fence Garden Art

Super easy and creative project. Drill holes randomly in a fence, then place colored marbles in the holes.



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