Organize Your Closet with Style

Take a deep breath. Get ready to raise your stress level, waste time and just generally be annoyed. No, you are not trying to get in touch with your cable company.
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Organize Your Closet with Style

Cleaning & Organization | Empire Closets, Inc

Take a deep breath. Get ready to raise your stress level, waste time and just generally be annoyed. No, you are not trying to get in touch with your cable company.

It your closet door. Chances are whatever you are looking for is either completely lost or so deeply lodged in the closet abyss that it is inaccessible. Let overstuffed and disorganized, our closets are negatively impacting our busy lifestyles. Fortunately, there is good news and better news. The good news: The flaw is not within ourselves but in our boring, builder basic closets. With one rod and maybe a shelf or two, those severely under outfitted storage spaces harken back to the dark ages when closets were not called upon to do some serious multitasking. The better news: Skilled closet design professionals are ready and waiting to help you end the chaos.

Imagine a pristine, clutter-free closet, with a place for everything and everything in its place. A chance to be reacquainted with clothes, accessories and shoes you haven a reach-in closet, a walk-in-closet or a fully functional closet and dressing room combination, today technology and materials can give you a dream closet that provides easy access to your possessions. No more searching through the disorder to create an outfit.

Add value to your home, while maximizing your space and preserving your wardrobe—not to mention your sanity. Get ready to have fun choosing among exciting features such as multiple rods, custom-built trays, clever shelving and cabinets systems, built-in hampers and more. A variety of styles and materials are available to match or enhance the decor of your home. Whether your style is classic and traditional, contemporary, modern or art deco, the right closet experts can accommodate your wishes. The master closet is a good place to start, but that does not mean the clutter crusade is won. Case in point: The dining room that has become a dumping ground for piles of household papers or the toys that you keep tripping over in the kids and playroom. Let us not forget notorious mess magnets like laundry rooms, home offices, media rooms and the garage.
Wherever there are storage issues, your design professional has the solutions that will allow you to reclaim your living space.

Get your own custom closets and storage solutions from Empire Closets, Inc. Since 2006, Empire has been offering custom closets and millwork. They are family-owned and operated in New York, and their expert staff is highly skilled at maximizing the potential of small spaces. Each designer has several years of experience and is professionally trained to help homeowners with their storage space. For a free, in home consultation on a new closet that will enhance your home and complement your style, call 
631-759-8116. You can also visit them online at OfficialEmpireCloset.com.


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