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Don’t Clean Your House: Fake It with These Five Tips from Your Favorite Home Bloggers

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We’ve all had those moments. It is easy to let the housekeeping get away from you while living your busy life. Then, boom, company comes calling and you have an hour or less to get things in order before your chaos is revealed in all of its glory. Whoops. The only thing to do at that point is to fake it. Here are our five tips, culled from our favorite clean house fakers.

Thrifty and Chic blogger, Alicia, has become best friends with cute storage containers, bins and baskets. Clutter can get tossed into them in minutes, but what if there is so much stuff that they start to overflow?  “For the baskets that over flow, just throw a cute blanket on top of them, then you can't see the clutter inside and it actually looks like its just a place to store your blankets which is totally stylish,” she says. http://www.thriftyandchic.com

Zoe Meunier of Kidspot believes that a fresh smelling house can give the impression that everything is clean, even if it isn’t. So light up those candles, plug in those air freshers, or spray the room before guests arrive. “Your house will smell fresh and perhaps blind them to any cleaning you may have missed.” http://www.kidspot.com.au

Chantelle, who likes to eat cake, laugh and sing when she isn’t faking her clean home, believes that you should use any kids that you have as manual labor. “Ask {beg, plead, bribe!} them to swiftly pick up everything they own and put it in their room or they lose it,” she says. http://fatmumslim.com.au

“Shut the doors!” says Dani, a blogger with Daily Mom. “It doesn’t matter if your son hasn’t cleaned his room in months. They won’t notice the mess if it’s behind a closed door.” We are hoping most guests won’t be rude enough to peek, but just in case, don’t leave them alone. http://dailymom.com

You can “fake” being in the act of doing the dishes when company arrives, if you follow this tip from Davonne Park’s blog. Move all of the dishes from the counters, tables, etc and put them in the sink. “Take a few seconds to run a little hot soapy water over the dishes so they can ‘soak’ until you have time to wash them.”  http://www.davonneparks.com


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