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7 Steps to an Organized Closet

Cleaning & Organization | HGDI ADMIN

Ready to tackle one of the biggest issues in modern homes? We make it easy. Here are the seven steps you can take to get that closet organized. 

1. Empty the Closet

Start by removing everything in your closet. Yes, this might seem overwhelming, but it can be done more quickly than you might think. Taking everything out prevents the same old items from being shuffled around your closet, allows you to see exactly what you have, and prepares you for step two.

2. Clean the Closet

Here is your chance to get your closet sparkling clean! Vacuum, dust and wipe down the baseboards or trim and the shelves. Oust any cobwebs in the corner, and clean the light fixture. 

3. Evaluate Your Storage Needs

If you don’t already have a closet organizing system, consider getting one. A custom closet can be fitted just for you. You can hire a professional or pick up a do it yourself closet kit. If your option for a closet organization is limited, consider adding self mounted shelves, sweater racks, or shoe organizers to help with storage. 

4. Rehome Oddities

Did your closet contain things that should go somewhere else, such as paperwork, craft supplies or other items other than clothes and accessories? Sometimes we stuff our bedroom closets with possessions that don’t belong, because we just don’t know where to put them. Now is the time to rehome these things. For now, place them in separate boxes and put them aside, so you can continue to concentrate on your closet. 

5. Organize Clothes

Start by putting like things together in areas, outside of the closet. Place all of your skirts in one area, all of your shoes in another. If you share your closet, each person should have his or her own set of designations. Organizing clothing in this manner allows you to see what you have and makes it easier to get it organized in the closet. 

6. Sort and Select

Did you know that according to organizing experts, most of us wear only 20 percent of our clothing most of the time. That means the average closet is 80 percent cluttered with unused items. Clearing these unwanted pieces out will make it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning. There will be no hunting for a favorite clothing item, because every item will be a favorite. Narrow down like items. You probably don’t need five black dressed, so pick your favorite one or two and donate or sell the others. 

Another good rule of thumb is to discard anything that has not been worn in a year. Don’t hold on to items that may fit someday. One of the benefits of a new figure is the fun of doing some new shopping. 

7. Put Everything in Its Place

Your clean new closet is waiting. Place your new de-cluttered and well-loved wardrobe into your closet in sections. Designate a place for each grouping and stick with it. This may require further de-cluttering, so don’t be surprised. If you only have a space for six hanging belts, don’t try to stuff ten belts in that spot or worse, throw the extra belts in with your sweaters or shoes. Having like items in groupings will save you time when you dress, and your closet will stay organized, practically by itself.

We hope you enjoyed this article about organizing your bedroom closet. Once you complete the task, you may want to go on out and reward yourself with a new clothing or accessory item you will really enjoy. Thanks to your organizing efforts, you should have the space in your closet for it.


(Image Source: Gothic Cabinet Craft)


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