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19 Brilliant Tricks to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

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Nothing is worse than entering your home and being assaulted by offending odors, except maybe when it happens to your guests! Use these brilliant tricks to eliminate the nasty smells in your house and breath easier. 

  1. DIY your own air freshener by combining 1 cup of distilled water and eight drops of essential oil in a small spray bottle. 
  2. Craft an all-natural room deodorizer from 2 cups of hot water, 1/8 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice. 
  3. Scent small spaces by hanging spiced tea bags. They do a better job than chemical scents at absorbing odors, and they smell so good. 
  4. Add baking soda and a few drops of essential oil into a recycled grated cheese container. Sprinkle on the carpet. Allow the mix to sit for a few minutes and then vacuum.
  5. In nice weather, open the windows. Fresh air does wonders to make a home smell good.
  6. Dip each end of a cotton swab into an essential oil of your choice. Then fasten it inside your toilet paper roll for a nice smelling bathroom. 
  7. Put a drop of vanilla extract on incandescent lightbulbs when they are off. When the bulbs are on and heated, they will scent the room. 
  8. Add plenty of plants to your home. They are natural air purifiers, adding oxygen and  absorbing toxins.
  9. Peel and section apples, then place in a slow cooker with a little water, brown sugar and cinnamon. Allow the apples to cook all day. They will make your home smell incredible, and provide some yummy apple butter for desert. 
  10. Mix dried tea leaves into you cat’s litter box. The tea will help neutralize the smell. Just check with the vet to make sure the tea you choose is harmless to pets. 
  11. Simmer slices of lemon or any favorite herbs on your stovetop for homemade potpourri. 
  12. Tie cinnamon sticks around an unscented candle for a natural spicy sweet scent.
  13. Put out a basket of scented pinecones, or hang them around your home. 
  14. Check these most common sources of home odors and eliminate the problem: pet areas, trash cans, closets, sink, laundry room, bathrooms, and dishwasher. 
  15. Hang a couple of sprigs of fresh eucalyptus in your shower (but away from getting wet). The steam will activate the oils and make the room smell lovely for hours. 
  16. Place dryer sheets behind your AC vents, and you’ll have the scent of fresh laundry throughout your home.
  17. Craft your own scent ball. Peel an orange, press cloves into the skin, and then wrap it all with a cord. Hang anywhere, from kitchen to closet, for scent that lasts up to two weeks. 
  18. Add a few drops of vanilla extract or essential oil to cotton balls and place them strategically around your home. One suggestion: inside bathroom and kitchen cabinets. 
  19. Fill a small bowl with plain oats and place it in the fridge. It will absorb orders for a couple of weeks. When needed, toss the oats and replace them with new. 

(Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com)


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