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15 Ways to Minimize Dust in Your Home

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Have a virtually dust free home without constantly running the dust cloth or vacuum.

  1. Use air purifying machines to suck up the dust in the air before it settles.
  2. Groom pets regularly. 
  3. Place pretty, washable throws on furniture. No more constant vacuuming of the upholstery.
  4. Eliminate the knick-knacks and small decorative objects. There is a reason that these are called dust collectors.
  5. Invest in heavy duty doormats, and place on in front of the entrance to each door of your home. Place additional doormats on the inside entrance to each door. These later can be more decorative, but still made to collect dust and debris.
  6. Have you ever noticed how there seems to be more dust in the winter months than in the summer? This is because dry, heated air encourages static, which in turn attracts dust to the surfaces of your home. Reducing the static in your home will also reduce the dust. To reduce the static, increase the humidity in your home to between 40 and 50 percent. This can be accomplished with humidifiers. 
  7. Choose easy to clean blinds instead of dust-attracting drapes.
  8. Skip the fabric softener on cleaning rags and cloths. This reduces the power of the cloths to pick up dust, making the task of dusting harder than it needs to be. 
  9. Make sure that flooring is secured to the floor with no gaps that encourage dust. 
  10. Install the highest rated filters that your heating and cooling system can handle, to remove and filter dust from the air. 
  11. Adopt a more minimalist design in your home decor style. Fewer items will result in less maintenance to keep your home dust free. 
  12. Reduce the number of stuffed toys in your home and wash the remaining ones on a regular basis
  13. Believe it or not, magazines and catalogues produce dust as they degrade. Limit your household to only the most recent two or three issues of any given subscription. Scan any articles or recipes that you want to save, into your computer. 
  14. Keep unused or infrequently used clothing and bedding in sealed bags or tubs, so they don’t contribute dust to the household. Every time textiles are disturbed (moved), they can shed flakes of fabric (dust) into the air. 
  15. Eliminate carpeting and opt for hard wood or tile flooring.


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