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15 Genius Packing Tips

Cleaning & Organization | HGDI ADMIN

When life takes you away from your home, try one of these genius packing tricks that will make your trip easy and stress free. 

  1. Mark your suitcases with the word “fragile.” Handlers will then make sure that your baggage is on top of others. The result, not only more careful handling, but your luggage will come out first. 
  2. Choose luggage that is an odd color or pattern, so you can locate it right away in the baggage claim area. Alternatively, use a strip or two of patterned duct tape, or tie on bright colored ribbon, to identify your bags. 
  3. Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your suitcase to keep your clothes, like your home smell fresh.
  4. Roll clothing instead of folding it. You will eliminate the need to iron, and be able to fit more pieces into your luggage. 
  5. Delicate items, or clothing pieces with rufffles can be wrapped in tissue paper, which will prevent wrinkling or crushing. 
  6. Fragile items that must be packed can be wrapped inside a pair of rolled socks and/or placed inside your sneakers. 
  7. Pill containers can keep small objects, such as earrings and rings, corralled and safe. 
  8. Use eyeglass cases to store earbuds, phone cables, and chargers in your suitcase. Everything will stay tangle free and available. 
  9. Hair clips and bobby pins can be stored in an empty tic-tac container and easily retrieved one-handed. 
  10. Shower caps make wonderful shoe protectors. Use them to keep shoes from being scuffed, and to avoid getting your clothing dirty.
  11. Include a few plastic zippered bags in your suitcase. They will come in handy for so many things, such as wet bathing suits, pebbles from the beach, and dirty laundry
  12. Zippered bags can also be used to pack liquid or cream items, such as shampoo, make up or lotion. If a bottle or tub accidentally opens, the contents won’t damage your clothes. 
  13. Make sure to match and pack all the pieces of a special outfit together, including shoes, jewelry and underwear. Not only will this help you make sure you have everything you need, but if some of your luggage is lost, you will have complete outfits to wear. 
  14. Pack beauty products in the middle of your suitcase, where the surrounding clothing will cushion them. Don’t forget to first pack them in those zippered bags, mentioned above. 
  15. You know those personal items that you don’t want anyone to handle? Place them in clear plastic bags. Handlers can see items for inspection, if necessary, but the objects will remain germ free. 


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