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A Room of Their Own: Inspiring Bedroom Ideas for Twins and Siblings

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Make sharing a room fun with a well-designed bedroom. Combining the right elements of cohesiveness and individuality will eliminate the sibling rivalry and make for a peaceful space. It is all about working in enough storage and style, so each siblings feels there is a space of his or her own.

We invite you to review the following ideas for twin bedrooms and get inspired. These rooms are practical, beautiful, and will accommodate twins, two siblings, or a single child who enjoys frequent sleepovers with a best friend. 

Bold and Bright

This room proves that not all pretty firls room are in pink. The bold and bright orange is cheerful, warming and energizing. A change of bedding, and this room could easily accommodate two boys instead of two girls. This is a room that is made to grow with your children. 


Image Source: Linda Spry Interior Design 

Sophisticated Stripes

This sophisticated pallet proves that a child's bedroom does not need to be boxed in by traditional light pinks, blues and greens. The lavender walls feature a gray hue that steps things up and is perfectly coordinated by the plums and greens in the padded headboards and footboards, and reflected in the green window treatment. An unexpected blue rug, perfect in tone, sets off the white floor and furniture. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com

Rich Design in a Small Space

The bright white enlarges a small space, while the dark chocolate bedding adds richness and style to this bedroom, which can easily accommodate older siblings or serve as a guest room. The gender neutural design works well for simblings of either sex. Individual accessories can be added to personalize each area, proving that small space decorating need not be restricted or utilitarian. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com

Red and White Stripes

The simple color pallette of red and white stripes makes a simple but bold statement that makes for a wonderful teen bedroom. The stripes are whimsical yet mature and the arrangement of the beds allows for spearate space that still encourages whispered conversations at night. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com

Beaming Blue

The soft blue step-up beds take full advantage of a small space with brilliant design. The painted beams lend structure to the oddly shaped room, and built in storage is both practical and convenient. This twin boys bedroom proves that even the smallest of bedrooms can accommodate two children. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com


Classic baby pink gets a makeover that combines a retro feel with a modern sense of simplicity. Sleek, yet organic furniture molds to the room, which features darker pink accents for interest and design. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com 

Defined Charm

This girls bedroom room takes advantage of twin windows to set and define the space for each child. Stripes and florals pair for interest and contrast. 

Symmetry in Gray and Green

The minimalist look of this room is playfully designed with a "reflective" theme, where one side of the room mirrors the other in perfect symmetry that is broken only by the accessories each twin chooses to add. The accent wall pulls everything together and keeps the room from being too plain. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com

Lofty Aspirations

This loft space twin bedroom uses a large area rug in green print to define the space, while still allowing the beds to drift out on the edges, making the space seem larger than it really is. Painted beams bring the eye upward, further enlarging the space visually. Individual accessories on the bed define the style for each child. 


Image Source: HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com


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