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Home & Garden Design Ideas is a visual search engine for all things home. Pick a room, space or category to see thousands of home decorating ideas and interior design photos to inspire your next home improvement, home decor or remodeling project.

Need help completing a project? Find the right local home or garden professional to make your ideas a reality.

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Browse photos and organize your home decorating ideas into albums for later reference or share them with a friend, interior designer or remodeling professional.

Mingle with taste-makers and trendsetters by "following" others whom share a similar style preference as yourself.

Discover thousands of unique home decor ideas, interior design examples, kitchen & bathroom design projects and other exquisite work from fellow enthusiasts and home professionals around the world.

find home improvement pro's

Jump start your home decorating or remodeling project with the right local professional. Our directory contains a bevvy of home & garden professionals spanning the world over.

Connect with the interior designer, architect or contractor whom is best fit for your project and master-plan.

Our business listings make it convenient when choosing someone to hire. Make an informed decision by considering the customer testimonials, videos, project books showing step-by-step transformations of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as many other validation factors put in place by HG Design Ideas to ensure your PRO has the credentials to earn your confidence and the charisma to engage your imagination.

learn home improvement skills and browse interior design projects

Do-It-Yourself... or at least you can try! Our selection of home design projects and style guides will turn you into a hardware-store weekend warrior in no time! Leaf through our carefully curated content and employ your curiosity to accumulate knowledge and project ideas at your own pace.

Are you super excited about an interior design you just pulled off or a remodel you did yourself? Submit a project book detailing the process or write a blog article exploring your experience. Share your growing expertise and help inspire others to pick up the hammer or grab a paint bucket!

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